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  1. I've been thinking about that also, but I'm really against speciality all in one boxes, I like my modularity. I'm also running linux which may not have the necessary drivers for such a speciality product. Do you think I'd be beter off just cutting a box out of plywood?
  2. I did mention this in the OP, it doesnt have the cooler clearance, and its special form factor psu has terrible fans. Thats why im looking for something with a standard PSU, so I can put in something like the SS NJ450-SXL. I do like the size and the asthetic of it tho
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm really looking for something smaller and slimmer. I'm looking for something I can pack around in a blackpack. Some sort of business machine case maybe?
  4. Hi, First topic on the forum, sorry if I mess up. I'm building a small HTPC-ish machine for daily use. I'm running a browser, and sometimes a few VMs on it. I also use Parsec to stream games from my gaming PC. Because of my use-case it doesnt need a VGA, or a lot of performance, so I went with: I3-6100T with a (35W TDP) + ARTIC's alpine 12, which keeps a cool 60C under load. I have a Mini-ITX board, and I'm happy to change to an M.2 drive to conserve space. My problem is thus: I want this system to stay quiet. And I want it to be small. But all ITX cases either: a) have a lot of extra space for a GPU b) have no clearance for the Alpine 12's 69mm height c) have a built in PSU that has terrible fans d) has no room for an internal PSU Or some combination of the above. For example I was considering Hot-Rod-ing the InWin chopin, but I've read that the fans get really loud after a while. I'm looking for a case, that can fit an ITX motherboard, an SFX/SFX-L or some standard, replaceable PSU, and has clearance for the cooler. All, while staying as small as possible. Does such a case exist? I have not been able to find one. I'm considering DIY-ing one at this point. As of now my machine is in a butchered ATX case, that I have cut apart with an angle grinder. I'm also happy to hear suggestions on what PSU I should use if I do manage to get or make a case, I'm currently running a standard 600W psu with its fans barely turning.