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  1. ill give it a try and come back to you guys, thanks!
  2. 2X16GB sticks of vengeance pro rgb 3000mhz
  3. i can set it that way but im afraid the top exhaust will take fresh air from the CPU from the top front fan. what do you think? im getting 63.3 on my CPU and 57 on gpu (both are from the max column on HWinfo)
  4. id say around 300$ although it feels a lot for a cooler. i have corsair products so would be nice to have corsair but not a must. and i don't mind air or AIO cooler but if there is a budget option for a good AIO that would be nice, thinking AIO's are generally better than air coolers
  5. hi everyone! i got a 3700X and i think my stock cooler isn't doing a good job. it feels like its throwing the heat to the case (Fractal Design Meshify C) space and making it even more difficult i have a GTX 1070TI that's generating tons of heat on its own. i have 2 intakes on the top, 2 intakes in the front, an exhaust at the rear and another exhaust on the bottom front fan mount. i have a feeling I'm doing something wrong here with the cooling and because of that i get stutters and frame drops do you have any suggestions? things i should buy? things i should reconfigure?
  6. hi everyone! I'm having some problems with my MoCA adapter. i had one installed by my ISP and i want to move it to another point in the same room. i disconnected from the location it was on and connected to a different coax cable in the same room but the coax light on the adapter doesn't light up. i tried another point in the same room (a 3rd one) and still no go. so i went back to the point it was first connected and it works perfectly fine what should i do?
  7. Soldier_boy


    isnt that the same thing?
  8. Soldier_boy


    anyone familiar with EOC (ethernet over coax)? i have an old concrete house, and i was thinking about getting a few EOC switches and access points to get the best wifi coverage for all over the house (basement, attic and back yard) as well as wired connection for a few certain spots. EOC is working in my house (my internet company is placed some unites but they're charging me for it and i want to get rid of that) and it seems like a great option but I'm more than happy to hear about other solutions. thank you for the help
  9. i tried doing it 1 rear exhaust + 2 top exhaust and 2 front as intake but there there isnt much of a difference
  10. how would you suggest? the case is the Fractal design Meshify C
  11. i should mention my room is rather hot and im running 4 intake (2 front and 2 top) and 1 exhaust what do you think i should do? thank you for your help! if you think of anything else i should do id be happy to hear it!
  12. so what do you think it is?
  13. how can i know whats wrong?
  14. how can i know whats wrong?