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  1. If you live in the US, it's cheaper to fly to Seattle then rent a car and drive up to Vancouver.
  2. Honestly, they would do US first before they even think about Australia. I genuinely believe Australia will never happen, for the simple fact that as soon as Linus steps out of the plane something dangerous will bite him on his sandaled feet
  3. April imo is still cold, and although Ltx is indoors, traveling will suck. June/July is nice bc it's the summer months and while hot, it isn't as bad as cold. It would be nice to schedule it at a time when hotels and the whatnot are the cheapest. October sucks, bc it starts getting chilly again
  4. Hello friends, General MB discussion topic: With the recent release of Zen 2, AMD is looking to compound its lead over intel. With rumors of ddr5 and the rtx 3000 series, things are starting to heat up again in the market. Acording to Lisa Su, Zen 3 is scheduled for 2020 (if AMD is reliable this time). However, many articles are claiming that Zen 4, hypothetically supposed to be released in 2021, will need a new socket. Now, I don't really take faith in rumors. But with so many compounding factors, such as ddr5 soon to be due (ddr4 came in 2014, 7 years after ddr3. So 2021 maybe for ddr5 ) Amd's need to stay ahead of intel, and the gpu war starting to heat up, I believe AMD will be looking for a game changer. And I think AM5 will be the answer to handle all the new tech. So when do you think AM5 will be released? Will AM4 still be the go to for the next few years? Or will 2021 be a year with a new socket? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamesn.com/amd/zen-4-cpu-new-socket-2021%3famp
  5. True. But the core item I'm concerned about is the mb, as that dictates the cpu and ram. I like amd as they make their mother boards last as long as possible with their backwards compatible cpu. If I bite the bullet on AM4, and if AM5 does come out, then I'll have to buy a new mb to compensate when I get my new cpu
  6. True, but I will also amass even more funds by then to compensate technically, right? Compounding on my existing funds
  7. True, but here is my issue: ddr3 came out in 2007, and ddr4 came out in 2014. If we take that logic, a new, faster iteration comes out every 7 years. Thus, we are expected to get ddr5 in 2021, a mere 1.3 years from now. Any current mb won't handle that. It is the promise of a overhaul such as that, that has me concerned. I want to make this pc as long lasting as possible, so the mb is crucial
  8. They are kind of similar. Cpu locked is the games graphics and fps are run on the cpu rather than gpu. Ex: 7 days to die
  9. I agree, and in truth, I really am not stuck on rtx 2080ti, I'm just trying to make this future proof as much as possible. Hence my main concern for am5. I can run the next gen of cpus from that motherboard than upgrading. Also, the money issue technically shouldn't be a problem future case, bc I was a student then. Now I have a job, but also now have loans, which is why I am overcompensating and equating the 2 salaries.
  10. Honestly probably 80/20 gaming. Many of the games I want to play are cpu locked though. My main concern is, if AM5 does come out in the near future, that mother board can last me a loooong time then, right?
  11. Just gaming, and finance stuff. The reason why I want such a high powered cpu is because many of the games I want to play are cpu locked
  12. Friends, I am a long time lurker. This will be my first post. I am stuck in a conundrum. Please help. It took me 3 years of saving money to rack up about 3k for a PC build. I was planning on purchasing a RTX 2080TI with a 9900k. Top line stuff. Considering im not a rich man, it is a significant investment on my end. Then Zen 2 came out, and that CPU switched to a 3900x. But now the entire system, 4 years of planning and 3 years of saving, are all thrown in doubt. Recently on Awesome Hardware (Paul and Kyle's Show) they talked about rumors for NVIDIA's RTX 3000 series GPU perhaps coming in 2020. Sure, I dont mind, I can hold out. I dont take stock in rumors all too often, and I dont mind sticking with a 2080TI. It was the 2nd part, AMD's roadmap, that really threw me for a loop. Ryzens 4000 is slated for "Early 2020", granted, it will be an APU, but come summer a CPU will be released, according to Lisa Su. it will be backwards compatible with AM4, which is nice. This will be Zen 2 still. If you piece the roadmap together, Zen 3-4, it should come out either mid 2021 or late 2021. Here is where it gets tricky- it is fully expected, with the age of AM4, and the size of chips decreasing, Zen 4 should be on AM5. Which, if correctly assumed, be compatible with the next few years cpus that come out. I generally dont trust rumors, but if you cobble together ddr5, Nvidia 3000's and now AM5, one would find waiting is incredibly appetizing. So here is my question. Should I hinge my bets on rumors? Should I buy a, say 3700x, and a RTX 2060, then rebuild my savings for the next 2 years? Or should I just purchase my 3900x and AM4 and be done with it? This build will be for general and recreational purposes, and while my current laptop has put me through college, the old girl is gonna die soon. What do I do? Thanks in advance! tl;dr: Should I wait for AM5 or just bite the bullet on 3900X? Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q2H4aWS0xg https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd-ryzen-4000-early-2020-renoir-apu EDIT**: Thanks for the input guys. I didnt even think about the first few iterations will be buggy. I think Ill settle with a RTX 2070S and a 3900x. I love this forum and you guys are awesome. Thanks!