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  1. Klein tools makes one, I really wouldn't recommend it. Within a week 2 of the tips fell out and went missing, and some of the others rusted out. Could I warranty it? Yes- but it's not really worth it imo https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Ratcheting-Multi-Bit-Screwdriver-Nut-Driver-Cushion-Grip-Handle-32558/202970520
  2. I don't think so. I went and deleted a few of the google accounts and it took them off my phone right away, though
  3. That's the thing- they're not there. And, I've never logged into them on my computer. Only my phone For some reason it still has them associated with me though
  4. In the past I have used several gmail accounts on my phone, currently I only have 2 signed in. Some of these accounts haven’t been used in years I just downloaded Zillow, and when I click the “sign in with google” option, it shows all of the accounts I have used in the past. Is it possible to prevent them from showing up here? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone I have a friend who has a friend who is currently homeschooling a few children. They are curious if there's a software solution out there to block all websites on a windows PC, except for a few select ones. Basically when they are teaching they only want the kids to be able to access certain things so they don't get distracted- like gmail, google drive, youtube, etc. but not amazon, ebay, or anything else Is there a free solution to do this? Thanks guys!
  6. I’ve been using PIA as my primary VPN for the last 4 years, long before they started sponsoring the channel I use it mostly at school to get around the content filtering so I can access Twitter, Instagram, etc on the network But lately I’ve been having issues with it connecting. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to connect and I can’t figure out why, whether it’s on my phone or PC. They’ve updated the app several times since then and it still does it. Anyone else having issues?
  7. Huh, and he just never re-booted it? Interesting
  8. Hey everyone Kind of a random question, but does anyone know what happened to the Jayztwocents website and forum? I just realized it seems to have completely disappeared... He originally announced it in February of 2014 here
  9. I'm thinking about picking up the Nokia 7.1 for work, to hopefully put unsollicited calls to rest on weekends and after hours. I do investigations and get phone calls during dinner, late at night, and early in the morning Just this morning someone returned one of my phone calls...... at 1am.. annoying So, on Amazon I can pick this up for $350, and it seems to be a great overall phone. I really don't want to spend more than I have to and I love the idea of a high quality $350 phone with dual sims. My only question is- when I get it in, I can just take it to my local ATT and have them throw a sim in it an activate it for me? Easy as that? Thanks in advance!
  10. For a project I've been working on, I'm trying to get MediaHuman Youtube Downloader to work on my Raspberry Pi 3B running Ubuntu 18.04.2 I really don't know much about Linux, when I go to download it I cannot use either the 32 or 64 bit versions, and when I try to install it using terminal I simply get an error that the directory cannot be found. Has anyone done this before? I know this is probably a long shot. If not, is there another version of Linux I could use instead that works on the Pi? Thanks!
  11. I'm beginning to think that the raspberry pi that I see is a different one I have on the network
  12. This worked!!!!!! How can I fix the issue in the network tab of file explorer now? I can ping from windows
  13. Yes, I can ping it no problem. I even assigned a static IP I just want to reiterate- I can access the server right now with no problem whatsoever on both the web client and over the network from a mac. For some reason I just can't access from over the network on my PC
  14. Hi everyone I had my plex server up and running perfectly, I was able to access it with my windows machine and add/ delete files no problem. Now, after rebooting my computer I cannot. I can access the server just fine over the network with my mac, and even a raspberry pi running rasbian, but I cannot access it with my windows machine. The web app works fine on all of my devices too, even my windows machine. This makes me think it is a windows issue, something is wrong with the network or something I can see the server just fine in file explorer, but the second I click on it I get an error saying that windows cannot access the server. It says to try checking the name, but I have no way to rename it, open properties, or just flat out delete it from the network tab and start over. I made sure my network settings were set to private, tried disabling the firewall, and have messed around enabling and disabling SMB1.0 in the windows features tab of control panel. All have done nothing Does anyone have any ideas? I'm a bit confused because I can access from everything but my windows machine- and for a while it was working fine until I restarted
  15. I should add that when I run the troubleshooter for some reason it says the device will not accept the connection