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  1. I'm a private investigator, and do mainly workers compensation work. I basically follow people who are collecting workers comp, and still doing work they claim they are too injured to do. If you're in the US, you'll know what I'm talking about, in Canada or anywhere else I'm not sure... Basically, I need a camcorder, like a Sony Handycam, that can record AND overlay time/ date on top of the video. The camera HAS to have this feature, I cannot edit it after the fact or anything like that. I just need something that can take a big SD card, recharge easily, and has a big battery (or preferably removable rechargeable ones) Cost is not a factor, but obviously I don't want to spend more money than I have to...
  2. Darn. I'm also looking for a decent pair of TV headphones for her. Are the Sennheiser RS120's good? https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-RS120-Wireless-Headphones-Charging/dp/B0001FTVEK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1528235812&sr=8-3&keywords=tv+headphones
  3. So, my grandma is in a nursing home where you have to bring your own TV. I got her a Samsung UN32J5500AF TV, which has treated her well. The only issue is, her new roommate has the same TV, and now they're changing each others channels and volume. Is there way to disable this? They are using the TV remotes themselves, with no cable boxes. I've never had a problem like this so I don't even know where to begin...
  4. Does anyone know of a digital display that connects to the OBD port and suction cups to the window to give you more info, like engine temperatures and stuff like that?
  5. 13CA350

    Research paper help

    I've spent hours searching online, and cannot find a single trustworthy source that says how many gasoline and biodiesel vehicles are on the road in the United States? Can anyone find a source?
  6. Yea, I see that. Here's a pro tip for anyone reading this in the future: Linus usually titles the BTS videos with "fpExclusive"
  7. Later today I'm going to sign up for floatplane. Are there any behind the scenes or moving vlogs uploaded there that aren't on youtube? I really like these and have been missing them for a while... Besides that, are there any floatplane only special videos uploaded?
  8. 13CA350

    Get Linus' Attention

    You could email info@linusmediagroup.com
  9. I just bought a new house, and the previous owner left a Sony STRDH750 7.2 channel receiver, but he took the sub(s). I'm curious what subwoofer(s) I should get. I'm pretty sure he had a 10 inch downfiring one before, maybe you could recommend one for under $200? All my other speakers are from Bic America so I'm not sure if I should stick with one brand or not... Thanks in advance
  10. 13CA350

    How is ethernet typically run in a house?

    By the electrical panel there is nothing. I don't remember seeing a panel but I'll check again tomorrow.... Thanks!
  11. I just bought a new house, and it has ethernet wired to most of the rooms. In the basement, there are no ports or any kind of switch. I don't think there's one in the attic either, because it's pretty much just a crawlspace and stuffed with insulation. None of the ports are labeled (at least on the outside) and I have no clue how they are setup. Behind the TV, there's coaxial and an ethernet port. I'm curious if this is where I would run a cable from my router and liven up the jacks in the rest of the house? I have no clue how this is typically done If any of you have a clue, it would sure save me a lot of time. Thanks
  12. 13CA350

    Tech Decorating ideas

    I think the motherboard wall Linus has in his office is pretty cool. Theoretically you could probably score some mobos for free from your local ewaste place (since they have to pay to get rid of them usually) Maybe some paint and screws/ etc and your set
  13. 13CA350

    2 Different GPU's for 2 monitors?

    It seems like graphics cards have changed a lot since I payed much attention to them. thanks guys!
  14. I'm going to be moving soon and will finally be able to upgrade to a dual monitor setup. I have a GTX 1060 3GB right now, but I still have my perfectly functional 650TI 3GB sitting in a box. Can I use the 1060 for the primary monitor, and the 650 for my second monitor? For productivity I will use both monitors, but when gaming I'll only use one, and probably have Spotify or something like that up on the second. Will this work? I will have 2 identical 25" 1440P monitors from Asus that have both HDMI and displayport. I remember a few years ago seeing a graphic from Nvidea showing you which ports to use on which cards for 2, 3 and 4 monitor setups... Is this still true? If so, where will I find what ports to use?