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  1. I ended up returning the card and getting a full refund, the card was bust
  2. I'm gonna run a cuda memcheck, to see narrow down the problems, I guess something in the board when it gets hot is causing the system to crash, because when i leave the card sitting on a shelf to cool down to room temp its runs fine for around 5-10 minutes then crashes, and then after that I can't run the card for even 30 seconds underload, so i'm guessing it is a heat related problem, even tho its showing that temps are completely fine something is getting up to operating temps and crashing, because when its still at room temp it runs fine
  3. called it too soon haha it crashed again
  4. For whoever comes across this thread in the future with a similear problem, I've had the card sitting on a shelf for around 24hours since I last touched it, which was when I done the second repaste......and I decided ahh whatever may aswell try the card again, I ddu'd and dowloaded 388.71 driver from nvidia instead of the latest couple of drivers for a change and the card has completed a full benchmark of FurMark, it was hitting 101% tdp at max and around 75 degree's, so my only guess right now would be the driver I dont see how leaving the card would fix anything, I'll run a few more runs of FurMark and do some more testing in general, but so far the repaste and 388.71 drivers seemed to have fixed the card (for now), I'll keep this thread updated as I go along testing the card.
  5. The card came with missing screws both on the pcb and backplate so im pretty sure they dont care haha
  6. well the backplate for some reason has tape on the underside, like some weird certain area's that arnt covering anything and its not like the backplate is touching the resistors either, i'll attach a photo, but thats really it, the pcb seems fine other than that there dosnt seem to be any damage to it from what i can tell except for some light discolouration around the die and memory chips but that's probably just from heat and nothing to worry about i'll attach a photo anyway, maybe its one of the memory chips thats gone bad because even if its not at temp limit or a power limit once one of those memory chips gets asked for information it crashes, could I be right in thinking that. whatever if it is bust CeX offers 24 month warrenty on everything so it's whatever just dont want to go throught the hassle of sending something waiting for them to recieve, then either get a refund or a replacement.
  7. yeah it still crashed after the repaste, my suspicion now is that whoever had the card before must have watercooled it because the shroud and the heat sync are in very good condition no dust or scratches nothing, so probably was watercooled overclocked and pushed to the limit and blown something, but the problem with that is, that there is no artifacting or nothing just goes yeet and restarts.
  8. well im using some coolermaster "mastergel" since its the only i have on hand, ive made sure that the entire die is covered before putting the heat sync back, I'm putting all the screws back in now, I hope this works if not then ahh well
  9. yeah i guess so, i just dont see how it would help since nothing is wrong with the temps for the workload the gpu is actually pushing before crashing, i just changed temp limit to keep voltages and clock rates down i didnt relise by how much it actually puts it down by, ends up running like 400 Mhz on the core when hitting temp limit, but yeah I guess I could give it another go on repasting not like it would break the card more since its pretty much useless right now....last night i put it on like a cpu so like a grain of rice in the middle and then small tiny blobs around it becuase it didnt look like it would be enough, im guessing that wouldnt be right for gpu dye from what youre saying but I'll give it a go none the less
  10. lowest i can go is 60% on power limit -90 on core and -201 on mem, on afterburner, it works fine for a small while but then eventually crashes, the one thing i found that did help was setting temp limit to around 65-70 but once it reaches that temp the card becomes useless and frames drop drasticly, i may aswell just be using the igpu on a ryzen 3 3300 g at that point to be fair.
  11. I figured that but I still want to know what the problem could be, because from searching about forum's and such nothing comes up with the situation I'm in, like they are very similear but they have all been solved by changing psu or putting into a different pc, which I have tried and dosn't help, which has just made me even more curious to what the problem in the gpu could actually be. cause the temps are fine, it dosnt hit power limit or temp limit just crashes the system, the fans don't stop spinning or anything, just reboots, its odd
  12. no it didn't work in the other pc, the other pc's specs where, fx8320 on a 550w psu
  13. I bought a used 980ti from CeX, when I plugged it in it booted up fine, but as soon as it went underload my entire pc would crash, I assumed it was the power supply so I bought a new one and the same thing would happen, I don't get a BSOD or anything it just shuts off and powers back up like nothing ever happend, If i downclock the gpu its would still crash so i tried setting the power target going down in 5% intervals, and by the time i reached 60% power target it was stable for about 15 minutes in heaven and crashed. When using a 1050ti from zotac the system runs fine..... I have tried new power supply. Messed about with driver versions. re-flashed gpu bios. reinstalled windows. reinstalled all my chipset drivers e.t.c. updated my mobo bios. resetted everything to make sure that isn't a problem. tried putting the card into a completely different system to rule out mobo, cpu, or ram problems. Temps are completely fine, sits at about 70 before crashing, the highest ive seen it go up to was 80 once so i doubt that could be a problem. Only crashes when loading 3D objects, I can watch 4k videos all day just fine for as long as i want without it crashing. But yet the problem is still there, I don't know what else it could be other than a bust gpu but there is no BSOD or any artifacting it just crashes 20 seconds after going underload or sometimes even straight away in some titles such as bo4. My system: Mobo- Asus prime x470-pro CPU- Ryzen 5 3600x Ram- 2x Trident z 8Gb 3200 Mhz GPU- GTX 980ti (I think is at fault) The two PSU's ive tried- CX450M (I know its not powerfull thats why it's the first thing I thought could be causing the problem), and 80+ EVGA 600w P.S i noticed that the card had some missing backplate screws when it arrived, I ended up taking it apart after everything i tried, and there was i'd say about a gallon of thermal paste around the die which i wiped off and reapplied new paste.