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  1. Overall good, bc I want to play cs but also have good music quality and be able to wear them for a longo time.
  2. Corsair hs50 pro, ASUS tuf h5 lite, steelseries arctis 1,... At this price which one is the best?
  3. If my internet is only 200 Mbts, can I buy a cheaper One?
  4. I just need One to my computer, can you send me the link please?
  5. Since is my only option for internet, is there a cheap and good one?
  6. I have all my peripherals from Corsair and I would like to stick to it buying a hs50, but i dunno if there is any better options on its price range. Can you Share with me your opinion?
  7. My wi-fi house WiFi os terrible, thats why i need it by cable
  8. Sounds promissing, isnt there a cheaper modelo that doesnt make the internet unstabble?
  9. Isnt there like a switch or an "extender" that i can just plug in the cable between it and the PC? Or having like a second router queres i can plug the cable?
  10. So, i bought a PC, but cant play without internet. So how can i link the Ethernet cable to my PC without bringing it all the way to my Room?