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    AMD Ryzen 3600x
  • Motherboard
    ASUS B450-F Strix Gaming
  • RAM
    2x8gb G.Skill TridentZ - 3200
  • GPU
    PowerColor Red Devil 5700xt
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify C
  • Storage
    1x 1TB Inland M.2 SSD 1x 2TB Seagate Firecuda HDD
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    Corsair CX650M
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    Acer KG271U - 2560x1440 75hz
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma Stealth
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    Logitech G600
  • Sound
    HyperX Cloud 2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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    HP Probook

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  1. I just bought one about a month ago. The version of the Adrenaline software that it came with was a little buggy but I didn't have any issues running games. Any bugs I did have were fixed with bios updates (therefore not related to the card/driver itself). And, only a few weeks after I got my card AMD released the new 2020 adrenaline software, which I can say is a big improvement, its better than Geforce experience IMO (my last card was a EVGA 970). It seems pretty stable and its really easy to use. Like I said I have had pretty much no graphics driver related issues with my 5700xt so far. I think a large part of the problem is simply that people were already skeptical of AMD getting back into the GPU business so they were going to point out and complain about any and all issues to begin with and be a little over-critical. And as always, generally people who have a good experience don't say much, only those who have a bad one. I had my fair share of driver related bugs when I had my GTX 970, Nvidia just usually got around to fixing them in a timely manner. I haven't had my 5700xt long enough to guarantee AMD is doing the same, but there does seem to be fairly regular updates at least.
  2. I would definitely go online and look at some reviewers benchmarks for the 5700xt to get an idea of in game performance. They will definitely be more reliable sources than me (I think both Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed have decent 5700xt benchmarks). But I have to say the 5700xt is able to run pretty much any game above 60fps at 1440p. I can easily run Red Dead Redemption 2 and medium-high settings and average 62fps. I also play Dirt 2.0 at almost max settings and get about 120fps. As far as whether or not the card is reliable; I know some people complained about the 5700xt having driver related issues at launch, and when i first got it I had a few glitches. But sicne the 2020 driver updates came out, the Radeon Adrenaline software is fantastic and I have had no issues.
  3. For something new I think the 5700xt is a good choice and its right in your price range. You could also look at a 2060s but the 5700xt is a better card than the 2060s. Don't know much about the Asrock card, personally i have a PowerColor 5700xt, its been great thsu far. Edit: I have the Power Color Red Devil which I believe I paid like $420 for
  4. Bought a pair of Hyper X Cloud II's about a year ago to replace my Razer Krakens (they were total garbage). These are way more comfortable, sound quality is clearly better, and the mic is acceptable. I would highly recommend them. My only complaint is the in-line volume control is super touchy and cuts in and out when you use it. So generally I just set that to max and then use windows to control the volume.
  5. Just bought and installed a pair of the Corsair LL120 fans. Between the fans each having two cables, the fan controller hub needing sata power, and the separate RGB controller needing sata power and a usb connection, its an absolute mess.
  6. I have no idea why this would help. But maybe I will try it with my 5700xt. I don't actually have much coil whine at all on this compared to my old 970, but if i'm not wearing headphones I do notice it occasionaly
  7. Personally I have a Power Color Red Devil 5700xt, so far I have no complaints. It came highly recommended as one of the best coolers available. It is definitely one of the more expensive cards if that is an issue for you. Gamers Nexus did a pretty decent roundup of all the 5700xt offerings here if you are interested in a more inexpensive option.
  8. Gamers Nexus did several reviews on the card a while ago pointing out that it had awful thermals due to some design oversights in the cooler. I know MSI has since made changes to address the issue, but as far as I know there are still better coolers out there for the 5700xt.
  9. Yeah it makes a difference because moving windows isn't quite as easy. I personally have never done it, I know there can be some complications when it comes to moving windows keys across new hardware. I am fairly sure you should still be able to use that free software (Macrium reflect) to copy everything over, I just don't know exactly how moving windows works. I am sure if you google "moving windows to new drive" or something along those lines you will find some decent guides that will tell you better than I can how to move everything over. Edit: A quick google search seems to show that there area couple migration tools you can use to make this process fairly painless. One i found was called "EaseUS Todo Backup Free" or something like that. I can't recommend a specific one to use, just take a look around and I am sure you will find a decent one as well as a step by step guide, shouldn't be too hard.
  10. Assuming this is not a boot drive (it doesnt have windows on it) it's pretty easy. I moved my data from a 1TB HDD to a 2TB HDD and used Macrium Reflect (its free). It was super easy. I don't think windows has any kind of built in tool for this. I basically just used macrium to copy all of the data onto the new drive, and made sure to give the new drive the same name/drive letter as the old drive since I wouldn't be using the old drive anymore. That was basically all I had to do.
  11. I have a Power Color Red Devil 5700xt. Also side note: I guess I can't say with absolute 100% certainty that I have had zero driver issues. I have had a handful of crashes since I built this PC, but I also don't know if they were directly graphics driver related. So far I still think I had just as many issues with my 970 from Nvida, so I will still recommend the 5700xt. And regarding raytracing on the 2060s, I would probably say its not worth it since from what I've heard the 2060s isn't powerful enough to use ray-tracing in most AAA games anyway. But who knows, maybe in titles like Minecraft which I believe have upcoming raytracing upgrades it would work great.
  12. I can confirm from past experience that EVGA's customer support is fantastic. (My old 970 was an EVGA card). But I currently have a 5700xt, and so far have had no issues. AMD's new 2020 Adrenaline software seems to have been a huge improvement and the drivers are stable thus far. As far as if you will notice a difference for 144hz @ 1080, I guess that depends what games you're playing. I personally am running at 2560x1440 so I can't say either way. I would check reviews/benchmarks, but I think either card should be sufficient. (The 5700xt might be a bit more future proof, since as you said it is the more powerful card here. And if they're the same price I see no reason not to go 5700xt)
  13. I personally went with the 5700XT, the 2070 super is a pretty decent price jump (like $80 at least) for not a huge performance gain. Regarding the heat issues @ManosMax13 mentioned, I think that's really only an issue with the reference card and some of the other cards. I personally have a Power Color Red Devil with no thermal issues. And if you read reviews there are some fantastic coolers out there for the 5700xt. I would definitely consider it if I were you.
  14. What software are you using to control the RGB? I use ASUS Aura Sync, and for me there is a little chain button below the RAM icon which is how you select whether or not the individual sticks are synced together. Whatever software you use might have a similar option.
  15. I've never done more than taking key caps off. Are the switches just plugged into some kind of socket on the board or is it more complicated to swap them? Just curious what I need to know how to do before I start taking my keyboard apart.