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  1. Trying the evga precision x1, seems to be working ok.
  2. I, like many others it seems, cannot get afterburner to load the custom fan curve. It also goes to normal auto on reboot. Even the custom curves do not save. Is there a solution, or is manually swap it every boot the only option?
  3. Is there a list of the stock and "ideal" voltages 3000 series run at?
  4. I have a i7-8850h in a laptop, the i9 wasn't available here. As I understand it, they are a direct swap. Everything else is identical. sorry I had the wrong number, i9-8950hk
  5. Anyone know where I can buy a i9-8950HK chip from?
  6. Can you layer thermal pads, say 2 x 1mm, if the thickness you need isn't available? Like fujipoly isn't in 2mm.