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  1. seriously? i finally got the kraken x62 for my i7 8700k yesterday, built it up, fired it up. didn’t work. temps went high as 90c... okay, changed the 3 pin from cpu fan to cpu opt and it started working. played some red dead redemption 2 with low 40c temps and went to sleep happy. today i fired my pc up again and boom, the kraken isnt working anymore, temps rise high 85+ idle and no cpu opt RPM detected in bios. i didnt touch a thing and it went out. i have tried changing the wiring to full mobo setup with fans on mobo & pump on aio pump connector, the guide style setup with the additional connectors. plugged everything out and back in.. including usb & the pump wiring. not working. even shaked the system like some guides suggest. nothing. lights come on and the fans spin but the pump aint doing anything.. 3 hours of use and its dead.. went more to install it than it lasted, well not gonna grab another NZXT product thats for sure after i read all the similiar horror stories online. seems like every second pump is dead from the factory.