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    only for my unnies

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    Democratic People's Republic of Korea
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    K-pop,J-pop,Anime,Asian Horror,PC gaming,Technology.


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    Intel Core i5 2500k
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    Asus P8z68-v Gen3
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    Kingston Hyper X 8gb 1600
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    Asus gtx 680 directcu ii
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    Corsair 300R
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    WD Blacks 2TB x4
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    Corsair GS600
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    Dell U2312HM
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    AF 140 x 5
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    Logitech G105
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    Logitech MX518
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    Audio Technica ath m-50/Creative 2.1
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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  1. frostin1990

    Germany and Japans amazing recovery

    Even after WWI they build up pretty good and came-out strong without anyones help And putting them in debt while setting up their own military bases all over those countries. Oh pleaseee.......... Dropping the atomic bombs on humans was not justified and if you think it was then you are probably brainwashed .....murica plzz don't really want to start over this topic but yeah dont reply back both of you.
  2. frostin1990

    Woman's prize stolen via Facebook.

    Hopefully that prize money has ended up with a more deserving person than a fool. Stupidity should not be rewarded. Also that stupid hat !!!!
  3. Not sometimes everytime. He is like the youtube version of Kotaku minus the SJW . Everything he says seems to be copy pasted from comments,articles,blogs etc from various websites. You can clearly say he in it just for the money and loves to stir drama . Besides people are still going to buy Ubisoft and EA games no matter what....
  4. frostin1990

    eJaculator - Where VR meets physical needs

    Yuck disgusting imagine the smell of semen all over the device.
  5. frostin1990

    Do you still watch TV?

    Haven't watched it since 2009 .
  6. frostin1990

    Are dead people among us?

    Imagine all this time you been touching yourself while all the dead people have been watching you :lol:
  7. frostin1990

    Should I wait or go for the deal?

    Not worth it.
  8. frostin1990

    Typical Online Game Lifespan

    Counter strike released in 1999 has thousands of servers with people playing on them I know CS is not a MMO but the original game has been so popular it's worth mentioning.
  9. frostin1990

    Star Wars Episode 7 trailer your thoughts

    Meh those actors are soo out of place felt so awkward watching it.
  10. frostin1990

    Internet on Mars

    The ping would be such that It would take approximately 30 minutes to register that one click from your mouse.
  11. frostin1990

    Gaming opinions you aren't allowed to have

    Halo is the most overrated game franchise in existence.
  12. frostin1990

    Google Play Store Is Getting Redesigned

    Own a Oneplusone haven't opened the play store in ages.
  13. frostin1990

    Should I wait to get Fallout 4 or get Witcher 3?

    I would say go for Witcher 3 and 6 months later get Fallout 4 game of the year edition because most Bethesda games are very buggy on release date