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  1. i recently overclocked my corsair 16gb 2400MHz ram using xmp profile to 3000MHz. i watched a video and they didnt say to change the voltage should i leave it or bump up the voltage? also i tried to bump it up but it was grayed out so i couldn't change it.
  2. ok i fixed the issue. so basically i overclocked my ram using xmp from 2400 MHz to 3000MHz and now i dont feel the input lag i was feeling! thanks for the help guys!
  3. no my ping is 20-30 all the time no matter what, and my download is 500 and upload is 25.
  4. i thought the 1660 was really good for it?
  5. no fps drops or anything cpu usage is at 3-5% and i mostly feel it in the mouse. when i try to do something in fortnite really fast, i have to do it slower or else it wont register cause there delay. the keyboard, i feel it a little bit
  6. So basically when i stream fortnite, i feel a little more input lag, then when im not streaming and i dont know why. PLEASE HELP!! my specs are ryzen 5 2600 gtx 1660 xc ultra 16gb ddr4 2600 mhz ram gigabyte b450m 120gb ssd 1tb hard drive 500w power supply my obs settings are nvenc (new) 6000 bit rate max quality cbr profile high look ahead off psycho visual tuning on GPU 0 max b frames 2 my fortnite settings are view distance low shadows off anti aliasing off textures low effects low post processing low v sync off motion blur off multi threaded rendering on 1080p full screen frame limit unlimited