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  1. removed the GPU , used DDU and installed gpu again and it worked
  2. Thank you guys it works <3 ily all @Mick Naughty @mahyar
  3. So i have 2x1070ti Last night i turned this off But when i woke up now The second gpu.is not working Its showing the yellow sign mark.i tried everything but when i install the driver its start saying page fault error can anyone help me in yhis
  4. @Jurrunio thanks buddy ....is 3600 gonna with with both 2 slots of gpu ..Pcie16_1 and Pcie16_2 ..then sure i m gonna buy that !! approved?
  5. @Jurrunio Haha no bro not sli ...just for rendering..If i buy a Ryzen 5 3600 ..will it gonna work.?..thanks bro
  6. So i bought 2x1070ti and have a Asus b450-f motherboard with amd ryzen 5 2400g withvega grapics ..so when i installed both the gpu in the motherboard it saying you need to put the gpu in Pciex 16_1 (1st slot) and Pciex16_3 (3rd slot)..but i dont have much space in the case like its working in 3rd slot but cant able to fit brcoz of the case...is there is any solution to bypass the cpu limitation becoz it not showing the second gpu at all when i put it on second slot...Pic attached - see at last few lines ..Please help me