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  1. Yes the K series to get a boost on overclock. Better check the 2nd hand market for any cheap stock.
  2. A little extra will never hurt if you have the budget. But with your specs 550w is enough.
  3. Use MemTest if there are no error your rams are good.
  4. My own PUBG version of "Just another woman in love"
  5. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 = Best value for money currently.
  6. It can literally blow away the dust and some weak solderings. I must confess I use our vacuum cleaner/blower to clean my pc before. Not just compressed air cleaner even though it is expensive.
  7. Yes. Even RX570 is better than 1650. You should get a 1660 instead.
  8. Im also using 2700x. RAM comparability for last generation is not a big worry now. Just get the best value for your hard earned money.
  9. Value for Money = AMD Vulnerabilities = Intel (no pun intended)
  10. It is my 8 hours working pc for website development, got thing my boss bought me an extra 24" 144mhz monitor.
  11. Go to Facebook group and discord channel for PUBG
  12. Not all can have a pc worth playing PUBG. But alot has smartphone that can play PUBGM even in low settings. I played both. But it is really hard for me to play fps in a mobile. A noob like me needs a mouse and keyboard for that. I posted some of my gameplay videos in YouTube channel.