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  1. updated drivers and had to change from hd to ac 97 in bios, thanks
  2. I'm updating the drivers and see if that works but I can't find anything by that name in control panel yet, and on God can't find the manager anywhere
  3. So i got this old case, acerpower series and i plugged in my front audio and such but windows doesn't acknowledge it. I've changed my MB settings to AC 97 and still nothing Asrock B450M PRO4
  4. so this morning I OC'd my ryzen 5 2600 to 4GHz at 1.3v and everything was fine I guess, then I decided to lower the voltage to 1.25 because I don't want to damage the thing. that's when I started noticing extreme frame drops, from 120 avg in apex legends to 60 at best, straight up 2fps in the menu, should I go back to 1.3v or un-do all the oc? I'm using an RX 580 4GB OC+ Nitro that'll crash if I push it harder than 1400 MHz even though the current AMD Radeon software wants to push it to 1491MHz
  5. I got an RX 580 and I'm forced to carry it in my backpack on a 5 hour flight, I have the box and foam but no bag, will this be a problem?
  6. It's most likely a faulty psu, if it was overheating or gpu problems it would give you a BSOD. Try testing it with a friends psu or sending it for RMA
  7. I got a new Vengeance 750M 80+ a few days ago and today I built my bench, everything seems to be working just fine but I don't know if it should turn on or not 2600 16GB DDR4 GT 710
  8. 2600 and not much else, I think its a 710 just to check if it posts (haven't done anything yet)
  9. Isn't she in like alaska or something?
  10. I know this isn't ours to question, but if this for some reason is ever up to vote, she has my complete support. I enjoy every video but this was the first time I smiled all throughout one
  11. I'll keep you updated! AFAIK they have always paid "more" but not necessarily excessive amounts
  12. holy. thats genius, now that I actually have a multimeter I'll definetely do that, thanks!
  13. from outside, yeah kind of, but I wouldn't say impossible to read,also when the technicians come we let them in It's electronic and has a display, although I can't read it right now cause I'm 3000km away, I can send my parents tomorrow if you think that any info there could be useful since an electrician came to our house to change the fuses because we were consuming way too much (in hindsight this doesn't really add up, maybe he did something with the wires?) I'd say around 2 or 3 years now You'd think so too when my neighbors are paying orders of magnitude more