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  1. OK, but I have tried reserving the ip to the MAC addressof my pc and it doesn't work. Anyways, thank you.
  2. But DHCP works for other devices and the browser also shows DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.
  3. Still DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. BTW, I'm in Australia, and when you can connect to internet sometime the speed is very low, you can see the webpage become weird, fancy graphics disappeared, only those clickable words are shown, like some very old page.
  4. PC always disconnect from wifi frequently, and sometime browser shows "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET". But if you just keep refreshing, the page will finally comes out. I have tried flush DNS, use cmd to reset network, update all sorts of drivers, change various wifi adapters. It just won't work. I currently use a usb connected wifi adapter DWA192, and now I bought a pcie wifi adapter, doesn't know if it works.
  5. I was playing Monster Hunter World, and suddenly my screen turns to black. But I can still communicate with my friend via a app like discord. And my friends told me I was offline. Keyboard and mouse does not work, lights on gpu is still on, the only thing you can do is force shutdown. Win10 1909 cpu 2600 3.85ghz gpu xfx vega56 ram hyperx 8gx2 2400 motherboard msi b450m pro vdh v2 ps apexgaming AG-850m 850w This issue happens several times before with some not well optimized games. And I lowered the voltage of gpu and maximized the power limit which is 50% in the driver. It seems to be the power surge issue with vega56. I was using seasonic 550fm and now I change to a 850w power supply, I don't think ps will be the problem again. But I'm not sure if it's other hardware fails.