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  1. The thing is that i don't know anything about ram timings, that's why i wanted to ask here . There are many categories and idk if i have to change them or not or just change the first four categories and to what's the benefit of doing so.
  2. Hello, i have an motherboard (Asrock 970 extreme3 R2.0) which supports memory up to 2100+mhz (apperently, i don't even know what that "+" means) and i've got a memory kit which has 2400mhz on it(Kingston HyperX PREDATOR 8GB (2x4GB) or KHX24C11T2K2/8X ) and i want to make it stay constantly to 2100mhz. Here's the question i've done "some" research for the timings (because the xmp profiles don't work and i have noo ideea why) and i want to ask if they're good or not and if they're not could anybody help me with it ? (I'm sorry if my english lacks, english isn't my main language and i don't know if what i sad has any coherence) p.s. (The excel file i've found it on internet searching ram timings calculator i don't know if it's any good)
  3. Welp , thank you for the reply ! I will do so i guess , when it arrives , have a good day !
  4. It's not about the temperature , but the condensation , will it have a problem with the condensation , like will it short?
  5. Hello and good day, i have a question about something concerning my psu .. If the psu sat in a car and outside it's around 14-3 C (around the day) , can i put it in my computer case and plug it in the wall and power it up ? Like, will anything happen to it, or it's okay to do so (in my house the temperature it's around 20-28 C)
  6. I dont honestly know , but i can get that 1660 ti from here cheap Imma ask if he has other parts
  7. Yes i know that , but here is still pricey so its a bit hard , maybe on black friday , we'll see.
  8. Thats what i wanted to know, Welp.. thank you very much for your assistance and help. I hope you'll have a great day/night !
  9. It cant be verified/trusted , some people have been scammed and i have a friend who got some cips blown up when he bought a used 1070 and im not buying from ebay , as stated previously im from romania i would have to pay an expensive shipping cost
  10. Im from romania , so that isnt as cheap here and i dont even know if they have supers in stock and if they'd do they would be expensive. Let me put in perspective i would pay normally for the 1660ti around 1800 ron , but i can buy it for 1050 ron
  11. The one that i can find thats cheap is the 1660ti rather than the 1070 2nd hand but the thing is that the 1660ti is new with the box and the plastic wrap on the box so im more leneient towards it because of that , i dont want to get a used card because they might hide some defects or big problems that the graphics card has..and i know my cpu isnt that powerful but i have in mind an upgrade
  12. Welp i have a 500w bronze plus PSU ,CPU amd fx 8300 4.3 ghz , sshd 1 tb , 2x4gb ram (kingston) and an rx 560 nitro sapphire 4gb And im from romania and the gpu is around 300$ but in the store is around 500-600$ Games im trying to play are AAA titles , apex , pubg , cs go