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  1. I wanted to install all the latest Windows Updates as I usually do once a month. This time there was a voluntary Update which I also installed to have everything up to date. This Update took waaaaay longer and the computer had to restart several times. After it finally finished and I wanted to login and got an error with something like "cannot read user settings" (sadly didnt screenshot the exact message). So I restarted the Computer again manually and when logging in this time the wallpaper and icons were already reset and after further inspection my whole User Account got completely reset. I checked which the resent update was. Name: Functionsupdate for Windows 10, Version 2004. I was almost thinking of completely formatting my pc and reinstalling windows incase anything else got damaged. Any recommendations?
  2. I am thinking of buying the new RTX 3080 which costs 700 USD. I usually buy the Asus Strix Versions. Can I expect the Custom Strix version to cost more or less than the Founders Edition?
  3. I am trying to make a 3D Text and then changing the Material to make it look nicer but as soon as I click on the new Material the whole Project turns completely white. Here are some pictures step by step: Picture 1 - I created the 3D Text: https://gyazo.com/96f04a6ee9ce2086a2476f912ba604f0 Picture 2 - This is the 3D Material used before changing it: https://gyazo.com/10c6707b4f2cdea027b268e1d0822188 Picture 3 - This is the Material I changed it to (happens with every material that I try it with): https://gyazo.com/689e367ee9bb9c1b2808dd9d1993a539 Picture 4 - This is what happens when I click on the new Material: https://gyazo.com/0646749606c5b63c83b1234782bfa012 Everything is turned white and the text and everything else seems to be gone. Happens everytime I try it. How can I fix this?
  4. When I add an effect to a clip and select the Intensity of the Effect it applies the effect as it should to the clip. However when I want to use Keyframes and doesnt work anymore. So for example I add a Keyframe and put the Intensity of the Effect to 0% and a couple of frames later I add another keyframe and put the intensity of the effect to 25%. However the effects intensity will still be 0% all the time eventhough it should be 25% at the selected point. I checked if I had other unwanted keyframes which was not the case. This happens with all the clips I have and I tried multiple different effects and its always the same. Never had this problem before.
  5. just saw your msg in the brackets now and all good. i would like to find out why that is happening aswell but I found out that a lot of other people had trouble with that aswell. seems like premiere pro just doesnt like time remapping reversed clips
  6. no i want the start of a reversed clip to run at 850% speed for a transition (250% was just an example, maybe should jhave just written 850) problem was that when I changed it the clip duration got longer instead of shorter which made no sense to me. but i fixed it by nesting the clip
  7. Just figured out that nesting solved the problem. Still weird that Premiere Pro reacts that way when you want to time remap a reversed clip
  8. thanks for the reply. but I just triple checked and its speed not duration. exacly the same as on all other clips. just this one doesnt want to work
  9. I tried instead of upping the speed %, decreasing it and even if I just lower the speed% by 1% out of a 10 second clip becomes a clip that is just 1 frame long. If I increase the speed % by just 1 % it suddenly becomes a couple of minutes long the clip (original clip 10 seconds long) which makes no sense to me
  10. I have currently have the Problem, that when I want to time remap one of my clips and make it for example 250% speed the clip gets longer instead of shorter. So it does the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do. The other clips work perfectly fine. The one Clip with which I have the problem is reversed speed which is probably why it does it. I want the start of the video to be 850% of the speed. How can I make this work? Many thanks in advance!
  11. My CPU Watercooler broke and until they send me a replacement which can take around 10 days I am using an old air cooler I still had at home. During gaming the cpu is constantly at around 80 degrees with max being 84 degrees. The CPU i am using is the i7 7700K. Are these temps at up to 84 degrees okay for the CPU or can it cause damage? I need to use this cooler for around 10 days until the liquid cooler replacement arrives. Many thanks in advance!
  12. I am kinda new to Premiere pro and I was wondering if it is possible to set a marker at a set amount of frames. I have a beat that happens every 44 frames and it would be very usefull if there was a way to like mark it automaticly. Or is there another way how I can mark the beat in a better or faster way
  13. room is normal temperature ( 23 celcius/ 73 fahrenheit). will try and reset it
  14. yea everthing is up to date. jsut double check it. 100% has something got to do with the sensor
  15. Yes the pump seems so run normal. Now 45min without me doing anything the Problem disappeared again. But will be back as usual in about a month