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  1. I see, okay. So I guess paying more for the MSI would make more sense then.
  2. GALAX 2070 Super EX-1 click OC
  3. How good is GALAX? Found a store selling the 2070S for 2299 and the 2070 for 1800.
  4. How much is the difference between the 2070S and the 1080TI? Is it a noticeable one?
  5. Ah shoot, you're right, I should've checked the fine print. Looks like most places are still selling for 2800+ still. Damn
  6. Hi guys, Recently with my country basically being put on lockdown, I've had time, which I've wasted playing games and looking at computer hardware (as anyone would do in these times). While making lists for a PC I might never build, I realized that the price of the 1080TI(MYR2000 - MYR2400) in my country had fallen to about the same price as the 2070(MYR2000 - MYR2200). That got me thinking, which one would be more worth it to buy at this point? I don't know much about what makes these cards different beyond one has 8GB of RAM at GDDR6 and the other has 11GB of RAM at GDDR5X. I would love to hear your opinions on this because I honestly don't have much else to do now. Cheers guys! Edit : It seems I let the price get the better of me and I didn't check if it was a brand new unit or not. Turns out, I was looking at a pre-loved 1080TI. Vast majority it seems are still going for over 2800. Bugger. On the plus side though, I found a 2070S which was definitely brand new for 2300 and a 2070 going for 1800, so I guess it's not all bad. Anyone know how good the GALAX GPU's are?
  7. Unfortunately yes. Looking around for a donor board to see if I can fix it that way. I found a place online that sells the replacement PCB and does the bios IC swap for free, and it's not too far from LMG ironically. If my boss lets me, I think I'll send it there.
  8. Well here's a very unfortunate update. While I was at work, someone left the door to my room where I was running the recovery open, and a cat came in and sprayed my desk. Unfortunately it seems that even the drive was hit, as there is corrosion on the underside of it now. I didn't realize a smell in my room and thought everything was ok until I woke my computer from sleep and smoke started pouring out. RIP me
  9. Thanks. Every penny goes to getting that 3700x ? Man, that sucks. I hope I have better luck than that. Please dear God bless me
  10. Yep, so far I've had it running for about 24 hours and I've only recovered about 14GB from the first drive. got a really long way to go still.
  11. I think what's more likely is me hearing wrongly, now that I think about it lol. But thanks so much for your help.
  12. I see, okay. Thanks for the info. Looks like I just have to slug it out.
  13. Hi again everyone, recently at work my boss asked me to perform some data recovery, gave me the program to use, and sent me on my way. I have to recover data from 3 1TB HDD's and just the first one is taking forever on my aging PC. So my question is, what would help speed up the data recovery? My boss mentioned a better GPU but I don't exactly see how that would work, but if it does, I can borrow my brother's 1080ti because there is absolutely no way the 750ti I have would even come close. Thanks in advance!
  14. Really? Most people I've spoken to recommended the Aorus. What is the issue with them, if you don't mind me asking? Unfortunately, the X series boards are all out of my price range, but the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max is closer in price to the price I'm getting for the Aorus. Also, the Fractal Design Focus G has to be shipped from the US, but price-wise is just slightly more expensive than the MasterBox Pro 5.
  15. Don't worry, I'm not going to buy one new. I found a used 1080 of that model and just put it in the list. 1080ti is a bit more expensive here, even used. The price is about double of a used 1080 at around RM2300($560)
  16. Hi everyone, A couple months back I posted asking for help with my brother's PC build. Thankfully, we got his PC up and running great and managed to save quite a bit of money thank to suggestions from this forum. Now it's time for me to get an upgrade. Currently, this is the build I am looking at, and I'd like some as to what case I should get. Preferably, I want one with good airflow as well as USB-C. Initially I was looking at the Cooler Master Mastercase H500 Mesh, but it turned out to be quite expensive here in Malaysia. Right now I am looking at the Cooler Master Masterbox pro 5 Nvidia, but any suggestions are welcome. If all else fails, would my current case, a Cooler Master N400, still be a good choice?
  17. So my internet plan maxes out at 300mbps. When everyone is home, there are 6 people, and everyone has a phone, there are 2 desktop PCs, 4 laptops, a PS4 and a android box TV. Generally, at least 2 of the phones will be on youtube or another streaming service(no netflix), android TV running, both PCs running and 2 of the laptops open but for text work but still connected to wifi. Under very high load, the PS4 and 1 desktop would also be playing games online, with everything else the same as above. The PS4 and 1 desktop are connected by ethernet to the X6, while everything else except for one laptop and phone go through the AP connected to the powerline.
  18. I checked my router, all devices are accounted for and my router can only go up to WPA2 so I guess it's a dead end there.I also couldn't find any setting to limit the number of devices, but to be safe, I did a hard reset and changed the spectrum.
  19. I took your advice and I changed the spectrum to one less congested. Now I will wait till everyone gets home and then see if anyone is unable to connect.
  20. No, it just started these past few months since we moved the router to my room and the AP to my parents room. Before this it was the other way around, but still connected via powerline
  21. Hi everyone, recently my family have started to complain that their phones or computers are getting kicked out of the wifi. At first we thought this was a problem with the wifi signal being lost, but even after getting a second access point, the same thing occurred. I now have a suspicion that my router can only take 10 devices connecting through the ethernet ports on the back. I am using a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R800, and the rest of the house is connected via access point downstairs which is connected to the X6 by way of powerline. if anyone could please confirm or deny it would be very helpful.
  22. Thanks so much for your help. I will discuss all of this with my brother
  23. Thank you very much for that info
  24. I think the 980ti might be more of a shout. The 5700 is about RM300 more than 1660ti. Thank you for the suggestion for that, I forgot the 980ti existed, as bad as that sounds
  25. My brother does play some games, Overwatch and Rainbow 6, but for the most part, this PC is supposed to be for his video editing, although if you ask him he wants to stream. I'm not sure about the fans because there is not much choice on most of the websites I checked for fans, so I just picked whatever and hoped it would fit. This is also my first time trying AMD so I'm not very sure about the differences in generation between the 2700X and the 3700X.