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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I'll take some time to think this through.
  2. If you're refering to the motherboard and CPU only then, i wouldnt mind up to around $500 USD?
  3. Currently its 1920 x 1080 and it think 60Hz. Still deciding to get either the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q or Aorus CV27Q. But that'll be after the desktop.
  4. Oh dang, didnt know about that. Thanks for informing. Perhaps would be a better choice to wait it out abit more since theres rumors of Nvidia's 30 series coming out?
  5. I'm from Singapore so the price here differs much with online and US market. And im purchasing the parts from a single shop so that they can assist in assembling it. (Noob here, cant assemble and not risking it) You can probably add another 50 - 100 USD to it just to give you an idea or the range i guess... Thanks
  6. Yeah i mean i could probably save up a bit more to buy it, but do i REALLY need it? Its not like i need to play on ultra on future games. Im probably fine with med or high resolution too as long as those future game (which i assume will have higher vram usage than current game) are playable.
  7. Mind recommending some CPU and motherboard just for me to take note?
  8. Yeah im wondering like your kinda situation. Honestly speaking i doubt i would be able to see a difference in the visuals etc. Sure i can save up a bit for to buy a 2080 but i was wondering if i REALLY need it?
  9. Hi, I'm planning on building a new setup entirely for gaming. Such as Dota, Witcher 3, Star Wars Fallen Order and future games. Need help to decide on which graphic card to use: 2070 super or 2080 super. Currently i've been using a 1060 so to me a 2070 super is a good upgrade. However i've receive feedbacks that i should get a 2080 super. I would like to know if i REALLY need that 2080 super to futureproof my setup for around 10 years of usage. Below is my planned setup:- CPU Core i7 9700F Motherboard Gigabyte H370 Aorus Gaming 3 GPU ????? RAM G.Skill Trident-Z RGB 3200 C16 Primary Storage For Booting Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB Secondary for Gaming ADATA SX8200 PRO 2TB Power Supply CORSAIR HX750 Case NZXT H710i CPU cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED
  10. I notice that you've selected the RAM to be 16GB instead of 32GB. I'm assuming that this is because 16GB is sufficient and 32GB would be underutilized?
  11. Yeah, its possible. Just didn't think i would require that high of a GPU. Cause currently im using a 1060 so even an upgrade to a 2070 sounds good to me. Reason I'm looking at AMD is cause it looks i might be able to cut some cost and use it somewhere else. I don't plan on overclocking. Heck, i don't know how...
  12. Hi, I'm planning on building a new setup basically for gaming. I also want to futureproof this usage perhaps for more than 5 years if possible. Would appreciate any help/suggestions provided. Games: CALL OF DUTY, WITCHER 3, STAR WARS FALLEN ORDER, ANTHEM and future games I've actually went through a computer shop brochure to select the components that i think is good. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pGNYgJ FYI, I'm from Singapore, so the price here is based on SGD. My budget say in USD would be around $2000 I would like to build this setup around the graphic card 2070 Super... I would like to know if there is an AMD equivalent (as i heard AMD are generally cheaper , also if there are any pros and cons of using AMD) Any other components to swap out for? A good motherboard for AMD
  13. @Herman Mcpootis Thank for pointing this out. Took a while to read the difference between the motherboards models. Think I'll splurge a little and go for a z370 mother board as wanna futureproof it as much as possible. Below is based a shop's price, comes together with Intel I7-7900F. They dont sell the normal i7-7900. Do you have a specific motherboard in mind? Currently i use Gigabyte but wouldnt mind going for other brand's motherboard if recomended. @SavageNeo No no. Pricing are based on my currency SGD. So around 470 euros for the motherboard u mentioned. I'll think this through before deciding on purchasing so MAYBE MIGHT go for Ryzen since cheaper and performance wise on par. Yeah thinking of futureproof, one of my main for making this computer.
  14. @Herman Mcpootis Intel Core i7-9700 (Non-K). I would be utilizing it well if i had bought the K. So my options were Intel Core i7-9700 or Intel Core i7-9700F. Still not really use which is better though... I just selected what i thought was good and had concerns in terms of compatibility and fitting lol @SavageNeo Haha i know right! Anyway i've calculated with your recommendations and its cheaper by $220. Thing is I'm more comfortable with Intel Cpu & Nvidia graphics and am actually thinking of sticking with these 2 brands. HOWEVER, not like im actually knowledgeable in terms of it capabilities and such. Just comfortable.... For cooler, if going even lower than Noctua U12s and Cooler Master MA410M, then is Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED ($35) considered low enough?
  15. @dizmo Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately Singapore based shop dont sell much of Noctua products. Even the one store i found which sells noctua coolers sells only the D15 or U12s for $99. Another alternative i had for cooler is Cooler Master MA410M for $90. What's a good alternative for the motherboard? I initially chose Aorus Ultra cause most sites like PCgamer chose this motherboard as "Best" option. I dont have much knowledge in terms of PC building thus i reply most on the recommendations by website. I dont plan on overclocking & will be using the computer as it is. Budget wise around $3k? If can get lesser with good quality than that will be better