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  1. Remember to use tweezers for cable management, and make sure you have a swiss army knife that hopefully has a screwdriver. Don't forget the live strong bracelet. And if the power supply touches the case, it will short out the whole thing.?
  2. I'd recommend amazon, newegg, and memory express. Those are just the ones I've personally used. However I always find the best price on PC Partpicker https://pcpartpicker.com/list/, just make sure you set the location to Canada or it will show you different currencies as well as websites. I think it's set to american by default. You can browse by individual parts and see the lowest prices across quite a few retailers (most of the big ones) or spec out a build and see total cost. Edit: It also shows component compatability, and @wkdpaulpointed this out but the Canadian link is here, the other one was american
  3. heres the thing... the ones included on most laptops won't cost you 250$ if you want to get something comparable. Ex a laptop keyboard vs even a budget mechanical keyboard usually is no competition. also keep in mind that if you buy a gaming laptop you will still need a mouse and probably headphones, unless you want to game using the trackpad. But yes, definitly do your research as a laptop on sale for a few hundred cheaper might tip the scales.
  4. Personaly, I'd recomend either going with a gaming desktop, simply because gaming laptops tend to be big, heavy, and have terrible battery life. The ones that are not like this often cost an arm and a leg (ex. razer). compact mini itx systems can often cost more in the way of motherboards and cases, however they can be nice for portability. I'd recomend either going with a powerful desktop pc and a budget friendly laptop if he needs a laptop as well, or if he can do with his current one just put the whole budget into a desktop.
  5. I've heard one of the reasons gamestop is loosing business is similar to this. Stuff like corporate giving unrealistic expectations and often forcing them to lie to customers. That and the fact that everything is digital
  6. looks good so far, however for 160$ you can get a 1650 super, which will destroy the 1050 ti. Even if you don't use it for gaming, if you sort on PC Part picker there is one for literally a dollar cheaper, so why not?
  7. cool cool. I did the opposite, I bought 3200 mhz memory while my motherboard only supported 2666. It was on sale, so I didn't spend extra money, but still.
  8. damn son, this rig makes me kinda jealous. Just out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind the 2666 memory? Does the ryzen 3rd gen still rely on fast ram? Also just cause I'm kind of curious, what kind of work do you use it for?
  9. Looks amazing! Im not sure what material it is made of, but perhaps a file could help even the cuts for rear I/O?
  10. Have you tried undertale yet? there is only about 6 hours per playthrough but there are essentialy 3 different endings wiht different choices, so it would be a could way to pass time. I'm pretty hyped for Overwatch 2 and the new Avengers game for PC Also if you can pick up a tomb raider game on sale, they offer some pretty good value. I got rise of the tomb raider for 13 CAD on steam and it was some great value. Asseto Corsa is also pretty fun. If your looking for free to play, try CSGO. I didn't get much into it, but it's free now so there's no reason not to try.
  11. double check that the Nvidia drivers are up to date, as well as the BIOS. If that doesn't work, I'd recomend creating a new USB drive and installing windows yourself. It is fairly straight forward, but if your not comfortable doing it you can buy them off amazon for pretty cheap. You should back up your data first as this will require a completely fresh install. I'm not sure if you can use the same license again, but if not there are plenty of ways to get it free (ex. batch file) BUT IM NOT CONDONING THEM as the legalities are complicated.
  12. coming along pretty nice! I like the idea of having such a portable PC. is there enough space to mount a monitor panel with the power supply there? If not maybe it could stick out a bit and have the bottom indented slightly?
  13. As with every group of people there will be bad eggs. I sell laptops, and I have some pretty scummy customers too, but I think its a problem with people in general. Those people are jackasses and deserve to be treated as such, but the vast majority of the PC community would never do such a thing.
  14. looks pretty epic! how did you manage to get the front panel cut out?
  15. @Whiro Im from Canada and I'm looking at under 50 CAD
  16. Also particularly enjoyed overwatch and assassins creed odyssey. And why is nobody talking about undertale?
  17. I picked up rise of the tomb raider for 13 CAD on steam, probably the best value for a game I've seen in a long time.
  18. I don't know much about that. It might be more difficult as you would need to drill into the case to create standoffs and cut a spot for IO into the case, which may be difficult with metal. However, There are youtubers who have done it, it is definitly possible. For me, I used a broken Xbox, so that wasn't a concern, so I don't know much about how that would turn out.
  19. Hey guys, I've been looking for some cheap (but decent quality) cable extensions for my next build. I'm looking for a black and gold color scheme, but I haven't found much that include gold. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  20. Thanks man, that helps a lot. how steep is the cost of laser cutting?
  21. yeah I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I wouldn't call it weird it's just uncommon
  22. Hey guys, just wondering what games made your decade better? I'd have to say clash of clans, pokemon black, and wii sports resort as these games got me into more serious PC ones. Doesn't have to be released this decade, just what did you enjoy the most these past years? (Yes I know I'm a little late to the new decade thing) ???
  23. not as crazy as yall, but I had deep fried bacon once. It wasn't that good, I didn't like it. I did have elk meat once, and I liked it.
  24. Im a bit of a noob to case modding as well, but I've seen people 3d print cases for raspberry Pi's with displays. If you have access to a 3d printer, maybe that would work? but that's about all I've got.