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    CAD design, Case Modding, Badminton, Gaming
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    Tech Sales Associate


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    i5 8400
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    Asus Strix b360-i gaming
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    16gb Vengeance RGB Pro @ 3200 mhz
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    RTX 2060
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    Modded OG XBOX
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    1 TB WD blue sata ssd
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    HD Plex 400W converter

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  1. awesome! Optiplex builds are amazing for value for money, and still perform pretty well. Also good choice on getting one with an ssd.
  2. THIS IS SO ABSOLUTELY EPIC. As a kid this would probably have been the coolest thing I'd ever seen. EDIT: Still is
  3. Nice job! what did you think about building your first PC? Was it harder than it seemed, or straightforward? TBH I'm kind of jealous of the 9700k, im stuck with an 8400 and not the best upgrade path either. Did you get a deal on the 580?
  4. love the look! every time I think of a red aesthetic I think of overdone and too "gamery" but this is tasteful. Also didnt know MSI made power supplies. What brand of cables did you go with?
  5. If your trying to get the measurements of different parts of the board, this may not be the best way, but you can measure how far apart each piece is and sketch it out, then use the extrude feature. I did this for the I/O shield of my Xbox build (used fusion 360 for that part as well) i really like the idea of getting 3d printed parts to cover up parts of the MOBO PCB and I/O. I know my strix MOBO had some official asus ones available to print on the driver page. I would take a look at any ones directly from your MOBO manufacturer (MSI might have some, not sure) because you can take the measurements for mounting etc. and apply them to your own. Good luck, looking forward to see it finished! EDIT: perhaps if you emailed MSI they could give you some measurements?
  6. honestly... I never thought I could look at yellow on PC with a straight face and then I saw this, looks amazing! Cant wait to see the finished product! What inspired you to start this?
  7. I saw someone who used the noctua case badge (It's full metal) as a power switch. Not sure about the actual switch he used, but it seemed pretty epic.
  8. Thats a steal of a deal! where did you get the 1050?
  9. Looks good! Just out of curiosity, is one of the two drives an ssd? was it hard to find a used optiplex with the current pandemic?
  10. love the build! what an upgrade! Definitely a good idea to leverage the used market for a GPU. Just one thing I would fix is the GPU sag, perhaps with a cheap 3d printed bracket. I LOVE mini itx builds
  11. this would be pretty hard to do, and might effect the aesthetics, but if you can get a controller for the panel off ebay and use that to convert the internal connector to an hdmi or similar input, and then cut a small hole in the back in order to plug in your cable... Haven't seen it done on imacs but it works on most laptops. You just need to be careful to get the correct controller.
  12. any max MOBO from MSi is great because its got support for 3rd gen ryzen, as long as you are OK with B450 not supporting zen 3. 1660 super is a great choice, as the performance is so close to that of a 1660 ti but for quite a bit cheaper. Seems like a solid build! Are you using it a s a workstation as well? Are you going for a high refresh rate monitor? (this PC should be able to hit it on games like overwatch, if you play esports games I'd recommend going for one) DEFINITELY wish the 3600 was out when I built my PC
  13. yeah, I used to play a ton of Odyssey with my old 1060 3 gig and i3 and i got in the 30s. with my 2060 and i5 I can get 60 - 70, but that's nothing on my 144hz monitor. For gaming (and really anything else) , the 3600 is a killer deal. I love how AMD kept up am4 compatibility for so long, sad to see it change with zen 3. Funny story, when I started CAD design fusion 360 defaulted to using my intel HD graphics and I couldn't figure out why it was so slow... thought I needed a processor upgrade. ^^^^^ CEO of tangents
  14. NGL I really like this build. Has enough RGB to look good, but not overdone. How does the cooler perform? Have you tried overclocking? (For my 2060 simply sliding the available power slider in afterburner to the max and nothing else netted me extra performance, but I'm a pretty big rookie in OCing) Also what are you using this sick setup for?
  15. looks awesome! I wish the 3600 was out when I built my system lmao