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  1. but is this not a software issue? its an hdd that works, only in a way that nas OS are not expecting. they treat these new hdds as broken because they behave differently from the ones in there already. once nas OS is aware that these drives are diferent this will become a non issue? just thinking here.
  2. i need to turn on my folding pc. i just hope all our flops are being useful.
  3. i have 2 machines running. one of them does not get wus in cpu, the other doesnt get wus on gpu. but it doesnt matter. as long as i can the machines will be on. but during day time. too noisy to sleep with.
  4. what about security? i have a random asus tablet that is stuck in android 4.something. works as well as it ever did. but what about security?
  5. i just got an email stating they are refunding me for the 2 controllers i bought....
  6. keep on refreshing. it was out there of stock for me too, kept on refreshing, ordered 2 of them.
  7. the phone ( https://m.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_max_plus_(m1)_zb570tl-ampp-8953.php ) was bought on one of the common place electronics stores in portugal, in may 2018. it was the normal price for it. and specs wise it was nice compared to the crappy samsungs beside it. but i guess the crappy samsungs got updated nicely...
  8. emagherd! asus is updating a phone! meanwhile my zenphone m1 max plus shipped with android 7, and the 8.something update makes it unusable, no simple way to downgrade, had to resort to force flash some original firmware from somewhere. there is also an official unlock boot rom tool that does not work. so i am stuck with a 300 euro phone (when new) that 6 months later was unusable, and has been frozen in time on android 7, with whatever the last security update for that OS was. asus phone never again.