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  1. To add to this. As I have stated before how do we know the drivesavers employee ltt talked to didn't incorrectly assume they discovered it. While proper credit should be given when discussing who found what technique externally I can't imagine it efficient to have everyone who works there memorize where every one of their repair techniques came from.
  2. A) No one is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen. B) They have good history with the company especially given the tour and the fact they let Linus into their clean room and try to swap a drive head so their guard was probably down with this sponsor. C) I do not think we have enough information on how this mistake occurred to know that drive savers was actually trying to not credit Jessa Jones. What matters in my opinion is how this is dealt with. I am definitely very suspicious of Drive Savers right now but I honestly don't think Linus should be blamed unless he works with them again without specifying what happened.
  3. I think the framing of this forum post is wrong. How was Linus supposed to know Drive Savers didn't originate the technique or that he needed to fact check them or that he should contact Louis to ask. This is a VERY easy mistake to make and if anyone should be held to blame its Drive Savers for either not specifying or straight up lying. I do think though that while Drive Savers is very sus right now its a bit too soon to say Drive Savers was trying to steal credit for this. It is very possible there was a miscommunication somewhere and someone in the chain of people the information had to go through to reach Linus assumed that Drive Savers originated the technique. I doubt all the techs know where all the techniques they have picked up originated and if I was working there and was spreading information on a technique I would probably phrase it to my co-workers as "we finally know how to solve this problem" not "Thanks to Jessa Jones we finally know how to solve this problem". Either way the fact that she was not credited is terrible and I do think there should be at least some sort of tweet to correct this misinformation if not a mention on wan show.
  4. I love shortcuts. Have been using it to open YouTube links in chrome but I’ll have to check out the better solution. Thanks for the info.
  5. I hadn’t thought of that. It would probably be a bit harder to block on the desktop version of the site. Then again I don’t exactly know how they detected it in the first place. However they detected it though I probably shouldn’t be super worried cause they allow PiP on the desktop. I wonder though if they do end up blocking PiP on the desktop version of the site if it would also break in chrome. Either way the 2 additional clicks blocking it in the mobile version of the site adds is annoying.
  6. That’s why I watch the twitch version always. A) you get a little intro chatter while they test the stream before going live on YouTube. And B) you get the option for background play or audio only. Also twitch version usually only has intro ads. Idk about YouTube streams.
  7. I am not a fan of them making that a paid feature especially considering the development effort we would have been paying them for is to make the feature not work when it was working to begin with. You are right. Google probably intended it to be 3 ads every 45 seconds. They will probably fix that sometime soon.
  8. But what I wonder is for how long? Ever since reading the article and learning that desktop mode works I have been just doing that but I don’t suspect they will leave desktop mode unpatched forever.
  9. Google support could be out of date. I hardly ever trust google support documentation tbh. I mainly referenced them as a hint of what google's intentions could be.
  10. I don't have YouTube premium so I wouldn't know if either the app or the browser supports it. If someone has YouTube premium and can check I would really like to know if it only breaks in the browser if you don't have premium. I wouldn't be surprised if PiP from the app doesn't work for premium users either right now as google would have to add support for the feature in the app (if they haven't already). Again I don't have YouTube premium so I don't know for certain the app doesn't have it just that I haven't seen an option. I didn't even know till today that android users outside the us apparently don't get PiP without paying for premium (if google's support page is to be believed). (I also don't use android so I don't know that either xD)
  11. Same. I actually removed some of what I wrote in the My Thoughts section before I made the initial post cause I didn't want to come across as too conspiratorial. It could be that they want to charge iOS users for not buying a google device. It could be that they just want more control over what regions get the feature without paying. Another thing is maybe they can't serve as many ads as they want to if people use PiP from the browser. Either way most iOS users weren't on the beta like I was so most of them would still be waiting for google to add the feature to the app not realizing that they had the feature in the browser and just lost it.
  12. Summary YouTube removes Picture in Picture support from their website for iOS 14 devices. Up until today (september 18th) Picture in Picture worked just fine. (Picture in Picture still works if you request the desktop version of the site) Quotes From macrumors article: From google support page: My thoughts It is unclear to me if they just want some sort of control over who use the feature but intend to give it out for free to users in the United States or if they will charge iOS users for the feature. If it is the latter then I am pretty upset by this move. I get the idea of "support the platform" but they didn't spend development time to add this feature they spent development time to remove it. Either way I am pretty sure it was intentionally removed and isn't just a bug. Sources https://www.macrumors.com/2020/09/18/picture-in-picture-ios-14-youtube-safari/ https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7552722?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en#:~:text=Picture-in-picture is only,with ad supported PiP playback.
  13. When chromebooks first hit the scene they started out as extremely low budget hardware with an OS that could actually run well on that hardware. Whether or not they are really usable to most of us they have clearly found their place and google continues with the project. The thing is there are plenty of similarly priced Windows laptops with similar hardware on the market with the only thing wrong with them being their choice of operating system. What I want to know is what can you get if you were to get one of these bugestest of the budget end Windows laptops and you throw a light weight Linux distro on it. How would the performance change in real world tasks you could be expected to do on such a machine compared to Windows 10? Would you be able to handle heavier tasks than you could run if it was running windows? (Honestly I already KINDA know the answer since I bought a cheapo $230 laptop to run linux on last year with an Intel Celeron N4000 CPU and 4GB of ram and it has performed exceptionally well. The only part I don't know is how much of that can be attributed to Linux since I ditched Windows 10 the very first second I got it. I just think it would make an interesting video)