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  1. So my gf placed an open container of water on my desk (which is not a stable desk) and when I bumped into my desk the water proceeded to just empty into my PC. The video started to tear but went back to normal, I powered down and unplugged my PC. After 2 days of removing drying and rebuilding my PC it wont turn on. So I'm thinking okay something is shorted and I may have to replace but what's bugging me with this is that I cant find out what needs to be replaced. The power supply is putting out power so I'm thinking okay it's the motherboard but when I look at the motherboard its LED is on and shifting colors like normal. The GPU I'm not worried about at this moment but does anyone have any idea what in the system may be damaged cause I'm stumped. Motherboard is a ASUS ROG Strix B450F and the power supply is a EVGA 700B w/ 80+Bronze