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  1. I have an aorus 2080 super graphics card, i5 8400 cpu and in pretty much every game I get frame tearing. (Esspecially bad In overwatch) i have an aorus 1440p monitor 144z (i run all my games at those settings) I let the game auto set everything else( usually goes to ultra settings). I am wondering if theres usually an in game setting that can reduce or remove the tearing(other then vsync) or is my cpu possibly causing this. I'm not a tech guy and am relatively new to pc gaming.
  2. I am not could you offer a link I could use to reinstall it. also will I have to redownload my games?
  3. I purchased a windows 10 pro key and im trying to enter it and I get error 0xc004f213. my edition of windows is windows home. do I have to have the windows pro edition installed first to enter the windows 10 pro key?