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  1. Yep that is what I don't like either as Artists have not liked streaming. In the past when Taylor Swift Released her album "1989" in 2014 . Within the 1st week of that album going out she removed all of her music from spotify.
  2. At my secondary school they plan to have everyone back in September , same length days but extra curricular clubs will be "limited". There will be no assemblies held enhanced cleaning stuff and also instead of the students moving to the teachers room the teachers will move to the room.
  3. is the house open plan or is closed with lots of walls ?
  4. It's not ads it things like when you are watching youtube and want to go fullscreen you get a popup saying "Youtube.com wants to go into fullscreen do want to allow this?" It is just things like this which make me avoid it because it's like you don't need to ask me to do that I pressed the button to do it.
  5. Well tbf google as a company may be "evil" I find the user experience better on chrome as it just simply works there are no stupid pop up things every 0.1 seconds and things like that. Yes edge does has some nice features but to me they are no use until they make it a good user experience. Looks like on windows I am on 1909 with the option to go to 2004
  6. Same happened here when I updated the only thing it didn't do was change my default browser. Honestly though Microsoft should just admit chrome is better and leave the users alone.
  7. How about a hackintosh but on android tablets running iPad OS
  8. It would be better to just buy nice speakers which connect to the laptop via headphone or bluetooth
  9. I don't really have a favourite brand/flavour of crisps but salt and vinegar are my kind of go to as they have a stronger flavour imo .
  10. Well I suppose it's nice to get the music/audio straight from itunes instead of having to buy music from the play-store then transfer to an mp3 player
  11. I have never owned a iPod touch but I don't really see the point in them as they just look to be like a small phone instead of a more audio focused device.
  12. That's from a old post on the ltt Reddit.
  13. j.son19

    Headphones too quiet

    I'm not sure if their are many desktop options for this but I have a similar issue with a speaker I use with my phone so I use a software volume booster which boosts the volume well the only issue with doing this is you can likely get a reduction in sound quality.
  14. I'm not sure how relevant that is either as that could be allowed under CC attributions 2.0/4.40. @cofcmaster personally I would try and reach out to YT directly if that is possible but I know YT is an absolute pain for people when there are issues. PS: The video link starts after the relevant part.You may want to change that