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  1. ok well it's 1AM rn so ignore any typos or anything of that kind. so uh I have some old PC's laying around that I wanna turn into a media pc to just stream some movies on my home network and stuff and I have 2 options for that. a Dell Optiplex 3020 with a dual core i3-4130 with a TDP of 54W and a Dell Precision T1500 with a quad core i7-860 with a TDP of 95W. so my question(s) was; whatd be better? a quad core or a dual core? im kinda leaning towards the i3 cause 1. the i3 is newer and supports hyperthreading and such. 2. it has a lower TDP which might give me the option to put a passive cooler on it for maximum quietness or something but a reason I thought the i7 might be the smarter choice is cause it has more cores... even though it is a lot older and runs on a slower architecture and stuff... so what are y'all's opinions? the i3? or the i7?
  2. yea typo lol mean an rtx 2060
  3. ok so I have a ryzen 5 2600, 16gb 3200mhz, gtx 2069 build rn and I just found a stash of old pcs and stuff. i found a pc with a lil quadro k2200. not the best but it's decent. I sometimes to sum relatively basic video editing (think along the lines of random AMVs) and im looking to start with blender. so I was thinking if it'd be smart to install that quadro in my build. I know the 2060 is perfectly capable of doing either of those things but since I always hear that quadro's are so good for stuff like that I thought I'd ask it here. of course it wouldn't be plugged in to my 16x slot cause i wanna keep that extra bandwidth for gaming but I was just wondering if it's something any of y'all have had experience with or any recommendations or suggestions regarding the topic. I do also have 2 other builds one has an i3-4130 and 8gb of ram and one has an i7-860 and 8gb of ram. I thought maybe I should just put the Quadro in one of those (probably the i7)? idk I just wanted yalls opinion on this whole matter.
  4. did you do anything special with the pc before it stopped working? like moving it, unplugging certain things? and have u checked if the hard drive or ssd is plugged in correctly? it might be plugged in far enough for it to be recognized by the pc but not for it to actually transfer any data
  5. personally id focus more on the gpu part of a laptop since the gpu is more important in most games and the difference between a destop card and a laptop card is pretty big so going for the 1650 ti in this case would probably give you better performance in most games. idk about that specific model tho but this is just something to keep in mind.
  6. I recently bought the ultimate edition add-on pack and after having installed it my game chrashes when i try to start it up. i had this problem before when i didnt yet have the add-on pack but then all i had to do to fix it was close msi afterburner and riva tuner statistics but now when i try that it doesnt work. i have tried updating windows, updating my drivers, clean boot, reinstalling, and a lot more. nothing i could find on forums works...