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  1. So would it be fine to use this power supply for a few months and then upgrade it later on?
  2. I recently bought a new PC and I'm not sure if this power supply is sufficient. I asked on other websites and some say its ok and others say its not. The reviews on it seem to be pretty good but I'm still unsure. Keep in mind that I won't be overclocking with this system. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Thanks! https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16817438016?Item=9SIAFJ86WS2141&Description=evga 500 w1&SortField=0&SummaryType=0&PageSize=10&SelectedRating=-1&VideoOnlyMark=False&cm_re=evga_500_w1-_-17-438-016-_-Product&IsFeedbackTab=true#scrollFullInfo CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X MBD: MSI X470 Gaming Plus RAM: XPG 16 GB DDR4-3000 MHZ GPU: MSI GTX 1660 SSD: Sabrent Rocket 256 GB PSU: EVGA 500 W1 100-W1-0500-KR 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply