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  1. cmos did nothing I think he cooked his cpu because he overclocked it with the stock amd cooler
  2. nothing with my gpu, I pulled his cpu and the thermal paste is bone dry his computer is under two years old
  3. have not tried it yet i will
  4. yup i have tried 2 others and his works for his xbox
  5. My brother's computer recently crashed while loading a game. After the crash his PC would no longer output to any monitor from any output. The fans, LEDs, mother board LEDs, GPU LEDs and GPU fans all work when the system is turned on. He has a Ryzen 2600x, a RTX 2070 super, 8GB DDR4 2400 and a 80 plus gold 750 watt PSU. Its all on a MSI B350 gaminmg pro mother board. I have tested the ram and GPU in my system and they all work. I can't test the mother board or CPU because my system is Intel. Is there any way I can figured out which part is faulty ?
  6. i figured it out my mother board supports the 970EVo not the 970EVo plus
  7. I have scanned for new disks and refreshed multiple time and it does not show up
  8. i just got a new 250GB 970 Evo Plus ssd for extra storage. I run a i5-9600k on an ASRock Z390 gaming 4 motherboard with a kinston 240GB sata ssd and a 1TB hard drive. i installed the ssd in the slot and them hooked up my rig and pressed F2 to get to the system settings to check if it was there. The drive shows up. When i exit and get into windows i look for it in the device manager and its there but it does not show up in file explore.
  9. I have a i5-9600k with a deep gammaxx 400 cooling it. its not over clocked. I was looking in open hardware monitor and one of the temps is constantly around 90-105 degrees. I already took off the cooler and re-applied new thermal paste and the temp stayed at that same value.