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  1. I have already the best monitor possible for CS:GO, which is the BenQ Zowie XL2546 (144hz tho, at least balanced somewhat the timings), playing competitively with an old "gaming" server that i bought a year ago with Intel Xeon x3430 and Quadro 2000 and 8 Gb 1333Mhz Ram, with an old hp office keyboard and a good looking chinese "rgb" 150g brick mouse barely even moving it, and squeezing the resolutions, settings and every tweak possible to get an decent framerate with pixelated image and yet managed to get the Gold Nova Master almost Master Guardian while all solo queuing. But still as I said can't really say anything about it until I try them myself. I have tried so far 3 PC different builds of the new gens in those internet caffes and the differences were quite amazing coming from low-end hardwares. First build was i5-8500 with GTX 1060, second i7-7700k GTX 1070, and i7-8700 GTX 1060; every single one was great the i5-8500 build was slower obviously than the i7-7700k and i7-8700 while the i7-8700 felt kinda faster than the i7-7700k but overall I still wasn't satisfied enough with all the build and not quite balanced perforamance. Might even be due to the specifcations were kinda of mixed up with different brands/speeds/capacity in every part of the build. Also about considering the I9-9900KS over the AMD CPUs is about the significant lower timings i9-9900K provides. Which to me matter hugely more than the cores, prices, or anything else. Quality over quantity, is the thing i'm looking for. That's why Intel will always be way ahead than AMD when it comes to pure fast gaming, no matter what kind of architechture AMD will create they always will be behind when it comes to pure fast competitive gaming or even casual gaming. AMD will always remain a try hard and pathetic in my eyes. And if anyone wants to know about the definition of what "being bottlenecked" brutally on your skills and abillities means, just watch this CS GO Matchmaking demo's "LowLights" of my gameplay carefully and the timings of shooting and being able to react on my perspective and their through my perspective. If you have a single knowledge about timings on such high-paced fps games, you will defintely get what I was talking all about. And no, this wasn't "brutally sweating gameplay" or "psycho try harding game" as this is the least of my tryings and every real pro player will actually undestand just by watching my playstyle. Don't also forget to consider 5 things I have had to face before facing the opponents Pay2Win Huge Advantages who have the Highest End PCs. Starting from the Low-End CPU , GPU, RAM, the full stutters of the "try hard frame rates" , low stretched 1024x768 pixelated resolution where you could barely see anything which this also adds an good amount of delay, the delays of my whole pc system,the cheap brick 150g bloody4 "lighting mouse" with moderate sensor affecting my aim in lots of times, and finally their brutal abuse on their Highest End PCs and Gaming Equipments that I have to face after all those bottlenecks without even using "my really trying" which I don't even want to do it due to the fact that I know they don't even have to give even a little effort from ALL SUCH BIG ADVANTAGES they have, you can just tell already on how pathetic they are, my only competition is my own LAG, nothing else. So all of this should be enough to undersand my whole theory of why the latencies and stable framerates matters hugely more than bunch of high frames AMD can provide and the fact that most of the whole CS GO game who plays Matchmaking are totally Pay2Wins. This goes to 90% of CS GO players who achieve those ranks is due to their PCs merits, while being so bad on their skills are Pay2Wins and not even worth the rank they have. And no wonder when you see real Pros playing with those Global Elite players are actually worse than even silvers, because that's the red line where they can't be carried by their PCs anymore cuz they are facing real skills and reaction times, and not their pay2win advantages over others. steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-oFMi3-wG2at-UJPth-zNhTw-FWzfF Disclaimer: The following reply, contains highly dangerous level of ignorance due to no professionalism in the specific topic even if it sounds believeable. So reading discretion is strongly advised. Read at your own risk.
  2. I never really played Overwatch. But I think it pretty much depends on experiencing it and actually feeling it. I totally understand those who can't see the difference betweeen 144Hz and 240Hz since the lack of motivation, pasion and confidence overall to get better or being passionated on something has a huge role here. As when it comes to 144Hz and 240Hz difference on miliseconds is just 2.7777777777777 miliseconds (3ms~), while 60Hz to 144Hz is 9.7222222222226 (10ms~) (the simplest and best way of seeing the 144Hz vs 240Hz difference is the mouse cursor stepping in desktop 144Hzvs240Hz) which is why there's huge difference due to the highly reduced motion blur, tearings and sttuters. While in the other side 144Hz to 240Hz is only 3 ms difference which in order to really see the difference of such tiny little amount of reduced timing, you have to actually feel it ,be synced with it and the whole game. As it's not visually really noticable. But I guess when the 1000Hz monitors will get released in future everybody will actually feel the difference between the older high refresh rate monitors because the motion blur with be actually reduced to the point that will not even be visible or have to be called as motion blur anymore. (https://www.blurbusters.com/blur-busters-law-amazing-journey-to-future-1000hz-displays-with-blurfree-sample-and-hold/) As for the optimising part on the CL 14 Ram, this is actually another reason to consider getting such lower cas latencies.
  3. That's what I'm talking about. That linus video about those differences is a great example for those who have doubts on 240Hz monitors that still think it is placebo or not worth it due to the fact that the can't see the differences, cause even that guy who was a Pro CS GO player called Shroud who is known for his really fast reaction times and aim couldn't catch up with the hardware and low framerates. I actually admire the way you felt my shit and explained it word-by-word despite being on such age, as reaction time decreases with age. I hope I will get rid sooner of such bottlenecks cuz i'm tired from all this low-end shit anymore.
  4. To be honest, I can't even say anything about it before trying them myself. But I'm truly convicted that it will make a huge difference to me even those tiny little nanoseconds when I am focused since I guess I'm way to sensitive when comes to reacting time and feeling it as everywere where I played I always could notice the delays no matter how tiny they were. I saw someone said that Lower CLs can have impact "in ultra-fast tasks. High FPS Gaming, most of the Adobe Stack and a few other places." and I guess for an Professional CS GO player should be noticable already. This might really sound pathetic like as I'm buying those things to get an competitive edge on those FPS games but trust me it's not. I never excused about losing on any game when someone has played better than me on certain moments and fairly winning, the thing is you just can't accept the fact that they are brutally abusing their High End Pc's timings while being fully toxic towards you like they can always do better despite how bad they play, you are always being outperformed due to the lack of the visual informations you get, simply just thinking logically is enough of understanding it. Anyways, I still want to have an high end pc that can do way much more than just playing those games, since I'm tired from low-end systems.
  5. But still the CL14 one should impact the timings on competitive gaming in real time performance? Like being snappier than the CL16 one?
  6. By far better, you mean it's way faster for a pro gamer in high level skills on CS GO Competitive Gaming? or simply way faster on processing the input/outputs within the system without causing any system latencies or any others on gaming than the CL 16 one? I don't know If I was clear enough, and i'm not sure what kind of rank you have in CS GO and the way you play the game but I still get your point. The reason I'm asking about those differences, is cause I was brutally hardwarely bottlenecked my whole life when it comes to competitive gaming even to this day I still am , sometime It even leads me to think I am not good enough due to the highely bottleneck I was experiencing. The reason I'm buying the i9-9900KS is about the speed and faster input/output processing it provides since it is the world's fastest processor when it comes to competitive gaming, cause to me the latency matters hugely more than the frames itself, I know having higher frames provides less latencies but there's tons of people who have 300fps+ but still experience huge input lags. So that's why i'm asking if there's a difference between the CL 14 and CL 16 rams since I don't want even a single part of the pc to be bottlenecking the whole work of the motherboard. I get your point as well, the fps doesn't even bother me. The point is the input and output latencies, as well as the precise stability on handling those frames. Simply I want not even a single interruption, if this makes more sense. Yeah, the whole reason of buying the CPU is about removing the bottlenecks of my skills and abillities. And playing the game on Superior Level of Competitive Gaming. On my understanding I think Faster Ram and Low Latencies should definitely impact the speed of the input/outputs of the keyboard/mouse and the game itself since it will have no interruptions If i'm not wrong. As I know the CPU should already benefit even more when it has lower ram latencies when processing the tasks since it doesn't have to wait for the ram? Despite if there is tiny nanosecond differences between the CL14 and CL16 RAMs, the CL14 will still perform better? The point is to get the most precise stability on the frames as well as the lower latencies possible on the input/outputs. By "as is" you mean running it on 3200MHz CL14? I'm actually not totally a beginner when it comes to PC as I am even studying the Science Computer, and was dealing with since I was a little kid. The point of buying those high end devices is about removing that "massive bottleneck" I'm actually having on my abillities and not just run it however it can. There's almost every single day I'm getting killed so easily buy those Pay2Win Pros who brutally abuses their High End PC's advantages to outperform me without even a little effort. And trust me this thing hurts so bad, when you know that you can always do way better.
  7. Will there be any difference for Superior Timing Sensitivity abilities on CS GO Competitive playing between those CL 14 vs CL16 latency timings? Paired with i9-9900KS and RTX 2070 Super for pure gaming as well, and nothing else?
  8. Brotha, I already know what I should get and appreciate your suggestions but just wanted to know if my GPU will be able to only show the 240Hz Option in the screen refresh rate options , not really worrying about the performance cuz I will be selling this pc.
  9. The life's not fair bro, but might upgrade to i9-9900K RTX 2080 Build in the next year hopingly. I don't plan to 4K , mostly gonna use the 240 refresh rates to unlock my potentials locked up and bottlenecked for years after the CRT fella , So basically will that GPU support the 240Hz or at least 144Hz? (not talking about the fps) the monitor will still stay there while that 500ms delayed pc and monitor from the real time world will be dissapeared without any traces. As I got enought of getting bottlenecked on low end pcs for years which almost made me completely a pure noob. AFAIK it should be DisplayPort 1.2 and up to support that Refresh Rate
  10. Hi Guys, So I want to upgrade the monitor to 240Hz but ain't exactly sure if my GPU will support that Refresh Rate. My actual GPU is Nvidia Quadro 2000 which only supports the DVI (Non-existent) and 2 DisplayPort Ports. Does it have the horsepower to drive those 240 Hertz fellas ?