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  1. Quick Question i have CPU cooler which is 4 pin and my mobo doesnt have ARGB or 12v GRB socket quick question can i power this coverter to sata only? can i add 3 pin into this converter from my fan hub (which support 3pin ARGB) which is idle at the back of my case so that i will sync my case rgb and cpu cooler rgb
  2. Yep every 480 i search isnt new, already decided to buy 580 bnew thank you for the help guys really appreciated
  3. One of you guys suggests rx 570 8gb but the rx 580 8gb is almost same in price about 10 - 15$ price difference is it worth it to go for rx 580?
  4. But i havent using it i dont have the cables on this psu so hopefully this will do on my GPU
  5. Yeah forgot to put that i do have PSU Gigabyte 700H There is an 80+ sticker on it i did not buy this my friend sell it to me cuz he is upgrading and i think this is a modular one cuz there is no spaghetti wiring
  6. Hi im new to this forum, and if this thread is in the wrong section mods please transfer it but plss do not delete it thank you.. So yeah i would like to ask what gpu will be suitable for my OLD PC i didnt bought this i own this aves ago and got some upgrades and i dont want to change the system as of now because it has a sentimental value to me this is my current specs Core i7 - 3770 DDR 3 16GB RAM 860 EVO SSD Gigabyte board( i dont know the full name on it) NO VCARD With this set up i can easily do some light adobe premier and after effects i cannot do a bit heavy edit. also some IDEs(programming languages) works well but the case is ive been working into a "Tabulation System" on android studio and when i open 4 emulators to test the system for judges it started to get laggy and every time i check the CPu usage its on 80%-90% not max is it my current specs or i need to have a vcard for the emulators run smoothly? also for my adobe premier and after effects medium to high edits