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  1. i'm not too worried about input lag since the TV would be used as essentially a viewing for a group of people that come over and we play the VR. I have a desktop that I would have my normal PC games on, but need something in my living room so I don't have to lug around my current desktop to have the VR viewed on the TV.
  2. sorry, and as for budget, I would stay more than likely as close $1000 as I can.
  3. I'm very new to the PC building community and have little experience but am always open to learn what I can. I am trying to build a smaller form factor rig that would be used for my living room running strictly my Valve Index. I already know that I want to use the H500 Cool Master case, 2070 super GPU, and an AMD processor of some sort. I apologize that this is very little to go on, but again I'm really new to this stuff and any insight would be much appreciated.