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  1. It's not doing nothing in your screenshot tho. Honestly it might look a lot to you but that's actually pretty normal especially seeing how many things you have open. That however was a big mistake in my opinion. Yes many people use these, but especially as an OS drive they're not suitable. You may get lucky and it works well, but if your PC starts having actual issues I'd change that out first thing. Honestly these Kingston drives are reasonable fast, if you're lucky, but low quality (if you're wondering)
  2. I see damn. Well yeah try to replace that fan for sure. I wouldn't even turn on the PC until you have a replacement tbh. I'd recommend Noctua Chromax actually, I just recently got 2 as front intakes and I'm really happy with them, one costs around 12 bucks which isn't even expensive.
  3. I think if a program doesn't fully support HT it's a bad program, or at least outdated as hell. I have a gaming PC for one reason (to play games on it) and I'll definitely try not to support outdated software in the future , luckily my fav game already uses HT very well. Exceptional well actually. And yeah, Intel got really fucked by this spectre / meltdown thing lol.
  4. Yup, just did it! It's pretty bad. It's not even really black haha. However in games I get "black" you know it's weird? And it's not "crushed blacks" either because my monitor is full rgb and so is my Nvidia color settings... I can actually do crushed blacks by setting it to not full RGB. Also my monitor has a setting to improve this, but that's turned off? (it's called ASCR)
  5. I don't see it at all...it seems to be slightly visible on photos however? Also the blue LED from my PC doesn't help!
  6. Yeap that's when I see it... Just not in games etc, I mean I play a LOT of Resident Evil and I never noticed lol. Note the blue light / thing is my PC's front USB LED lol, nothing I can do about that , and that's not a background, just black screen in paint It's bad, but not that bad, at least it seems mostly only the 2 lower corners PS: I really don't get it as soon anything other additional to "black" is displayed it's seemingly gone completely, I mean I can't see it at all on my desktop for example...
  7. Good luck! Yeah those pics it looks pretty bad. Just screen lottery it seems. I can really only see mine when absolutely nothing is displayed, otherwise nope, never notice... (so basically before loading screens etc)
  8. Holy shit, dumb question do you need to solder those pins separately or can you just like put solder on all of them at once, plug them in (assuming it's like a plug) and then solder them? Because I can solder a bit but this seems really tiny and quite difficult haha. Depends on the law exactly however, usually there are time limits, but I agree OP should definitely try as that's the clearest warranty / RMA case ever.
  9. 1 thing you should check... (make backups of important files if you do just in case) (I updated several times to 1903, but not 1909, I just reverted back to 1803 for the time being cause I didn't like several changes they made, I don't like changes, period) You probably need an application that's usually part of an update (1803 likely) that's called WINDOWS SETUP REMEDATIONS (X64) (KB4023057) or at least similar (install date is 11/6/19 for me by the way) If you don't have this "setup remediations app" your windows "feature" updates will most likely fail. So idk how you get this file, I suppose you can dl it from Microsoft, but I think you should try that. IF you already have this application however, I think you will need a fresh install. Hope this helps, good luck.
  10. I'm no expert, but "new" CPU -> uncorrectable hardware failure -> the case is pretty clear. Can you return it and what happened to your old CPU, if you don't mind me asking? Edit: I see, well I'd return / RMA it ASAP if you have still warranty left
  11. Ah I see, I didn't know about the the tweaking, I just kinda assumed the opposite lol. That's kinda scummy for sure. And I didn't mean it's good value either just that it works for people who want a "console like experience" for example . I know this guy who always buys aliwenware, he didn't even know if his monitor is "HD" and when I asked him if I should try OC his *water cooled* CPU he was like in shock : " I don't know if that voids the guarantee..."
  12. Alienware is pretty good I think, they're just like all pre builds over priced... I mean, don't they usually just work? That's exactly why people buy pre builds and pretty sure Alienware is better and more reliable than most others.
  13. The online store here where I often buy from also has MSI all over the place like the first 50 or so boards they show you are all MSI... They don't even have some other popular boards like certain ASUS etc... I had two MSI boards so far and honestly they were both kinda trash... My B350 works, but the BIOS is a pain, updating the BIOS is even more pain lol, and the B450 was just all around terrible, lots of crashing, mysterious slowdowns... It's just really weird all MSI boards have excellent customer ratings... It's not like that store could write those themselves or anything. :thinking: So yeah, probably best OP returns this board...