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  1. should i go with a 2400g,2600 or a 1700
  2. a weak GPU and a strong cpu with no integrated graphics is cheaper than a CPU with integrated GPU.Cause i dont feel like going intel and amd is limited to 2400g or 3400g with integrated gpu
  3. Should i just get the cheapest graphics card for an output
  4. Very basic,microsoft documents,chrome,so more cores,more ram
  5. I want to build a PC for my father,He doesnt game so im thinking of a strong CPU with 16gb of ram,and a weak GPU for output.Should i go with a Ryzen 7 1700x or a ryzen 5 2600,the ryzen 5 3600 is too expensive btw
  6. I've found a used Asrock B450M Pro4,And i was wondering if its a good motherboard for a 2600 with a wraith prism(got it from a friend).Please note that i will not be upgrading so i need a motherboard that's good for it
  7. also is there a good b450M motherboard except for the mortar
  8. will that help with the data loss thingy?
  9. Losing the DATA isnt really a concern since ill be using it to game and not store important stuff too,can i run raid 0 and raid 1 tgt?
  10. AFAIK Raid 0 means splitting the data onto 2 or more drives to increase the performance,and according to my research,3 hdd speed are almost same as a ssd.Except for the hardware failure probability,is there any reason not to do this?Its cheaper,more space.Also if i use 1tb+1tb hdd will i have 1 or 2tb storage and does windows automatically assign the files into two hdd
  11. Calculations were wrong,dont have enough budget for a 2600,is going for the 9100f a bad idea?
  12. also should i go with the number 3 or a 144hz,0.6ms,tn panel for same 23.6 inch(KG241QA)
  13. im currently running a 3200g with a 1060,but rest assured,ill be upgrading to 2600 with a 1070
  14. https://shopee.com.my/Anmite-24-144HZ-FHD-1920-x-1080IPS-Professional-Monitor-Gaming-Monitor-LED-Display-USB-Type-C-smart-screen-i.140189700.6910945088
  15. Im planning on buying a high refresh rate monitor for my setup,I have a few options here,which one should i choose? 1.ED273A=27 inch,144hz,4ms respone time,VA Panel=MYR650 2.XG2701=27 inch,144hz,1ms response time,TN Panel=MYR650 3.Doesnt have model number=24 inch,144hz,2ms response time,IPS Panel=MYR520
  16. If you are not planning on upgrading your CPU,you should go with a b450 motherboard
  17. So i've found a few motherboards on Mudah,I found a B450 Steel Legend ATX and a B450 Aorus Pro ATX For 20MYR more than the MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX.Is it worth it for used and the extra cost?