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  1. So whats the final recommendation,Give me like 10 processors that u thiunk will fit with a 1070 or 1080
  2. Ok I found that the ryzen 5 2600 is like 80 cheaper than the 9400f,Is it a better choirce for gaming?Or should i stick with the 9100f
  3. I was thinking about that too but the prices in Malaysia for Ryzen isnt looking well,The ryzen 5 3600 is like 880 and the i5 9400f with a h310m mobu is 820
  4. Im currently planning on a new build,and I am thinking whether i should get a i5 9100f with a 1070 or a i3 9100f with a 1080
  5. So its not considered an OC then. How do i use negative voltage offset.The only thing about voltage is peak voltage and it says 1.1 volt here how do i undervolt it\
  6. Should i try to undervolt it for better thermals and a quiter system.If so what voltage should i put it at?
  7. I just did that and found that it only turbos up to 3.8ghz Does that count as OC?or is it the default boost clock
  8. I have a a320m HDV R4 Asrock,and i can tweak the cores to like 4ghz and press apply and test it,and it shows test succesful.I thought i oculdnt oc on a a320m.Im using a ryzne 3 3200g btw
  9. It should get you 1 It's definitely going to give you around 60+FPS on epic settings 1080p
  10. See if you can spot any kind of error here,r3 3200g,a320m,p106-90.I was thinking that I had a PCI lane bottleneck.But after contacting someone that had the same config as me,He said that it was not the problem.Any kind of thoughts on code 43 in device manager
  11. Wait so I'm facing the same problem so I should use an older version?If so which version should I use
  12. Is it normal for the igpu to have 7 PCI Busses?Im going to try to migrate the os to my hdd.Just asking
  13. So what do I do? With the p106-090.Its too expensive for me to countinue upgrading so going with Intel isn't a viable option
  14. Could it be a pcie lane bottleneck,I have a Ryzen 3 3200g and it only supports 8 pcie lanes.i have a m.2 SSD (SATA) too