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  1. I found this controller for sale on my local buying app(almost like Amazon but for my country) and i want to know if this is a real ps4 controller or if it will atleast "perform" like one?
  2. Is anyone of these better?I'm also no longer getting the rx 570 im getting a gtx 1060 3gb
  3. I don't want another psu becuase i cant find most of them in my country but yeah will it be good enough for my needs yes or no?
  4. Is the Antec Vp500Pc 500W a good psu to pair with the rx570 4gb?
  5. My budget is around $70 and im not buying from ebay or anything like that becuase its not available were im from so yeah but will it be atleast better than a gtx 1050 or my gtx 650 ti?
  6. Hello i was just searching around for some good second hand cards yo replace my gtx 650 ti and to play red dead redemption 2 and maby other games at 1080 and atleast 30fps at medium settings. Is it any good?
  7. I dont want an expensive fan ppl only a $15 dollar fan to replace a noisy stock one so yes or no will it be better?
  8. I don't want to spend to much on a cooler just a cheap and easy way to get rid of the pitch
  9. My core i5 2500k is currently using the stock intel cooler on normal usage it idles around 38-46degrees and on load it goes up to low 60.1 Things that annoys me is that the cooler makes a high pitch sound when its on so i was wondering if i would get a Armageddon Artic Wind cooler will the temperature still be the same and will it run quiter(Im running at 3.7Ghz)
  10. Why does it give me an overclocking area in my bios and a quick Google search says it is an overclockable motherboard
  11. Hi i bought a i5 2500k about 2weeks ago but i recently noticed when i was changing the cpu speed it only showed uo to 3.7GHz. My motherboard does support overclocking can anyone help?
  12. Hi i know this is a dumb question but i was wondering if i have a ssd with my operating system and hdd for my games will my games also load faster or not?
  13. Its currently 21:53 here and i gotto get up early tomorrow (exams) but when I return i will mess around with the bios and stuff and see what i can do i will keep you updated thanls for the help so far