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  1. Sometimes I see 120mm's in wrong tiers like the Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B in tier 4 (tier 4 is named High-End 140mm's)? Does this mean there is a 140mm version of it or is it just a very good 120mm?
  2. Hi, I don't fully understand the air cooler tier list. Is a 140mm cooler always better than a 120mm cooler (or atleast not the high ends)? Is a dual tower always better than a 140mm cooler? What territory of cooler should I look after if I just want to run my 5 3600 cool enough to never thermal throttle (possibly with minor oc). Thanks
  3. Didn't think about the ram speeds, thanks. Do you think the 2-3 frames advantage of the 9600KF would be gone if you put in slower ram? Instead of a 5 3600 with faster ram in comparison?
  4. Hi, i5-9600KF and ryzen 5 3600 are almost the same price in my region (belgium). Only thing it's really going to be used for is gaming. Any reason to pick the one over the other?
  5. Thanks! I'll add that one to the list of options. Please know that g-sync is not a necessity.
  6. Belgium, if you want to check if it's available, I'm probably buying from https://www.alternate.be/
  7. Just thought it would help, my budget in EUR is 250€ maybe 300€ MAX. Will edit my first post to make it easier for others to follow.
  8. So stupid to forget that, budget is around 280$ and shouldn't exceed ~300$ UNLESS there is a big deal to be had. If you really think a 27 inch 1080p is bad then you can recommend me a 24 inch if it's a good one
  9. Hi! I'm looking for a 1080p, 144hz, 27inch gaming monitor. Curved is optional and g-sync would be nice (not a necessity). Budget is 250-300€ You may also recommend me a 24 inch if it's very good. Asking for your recommendations from good and bad experiences as there are loads of monitors and I don't know where to begin. Thanks!
  10. The 3200 CL14's are way too expensive for me to even consider this but thanks for the info. Also not really planning on OCing my ram.
  11. After looking at these videos, I'm sure I'll just stick to the 3200's. Thanks for your very informative responses!
  12. 11$ extra to get a 36 instead of a 38, probably not worth it? How big would the diffrence be from a 3200 CL16 vs a 3600 CL18? and is it worth the extra $40? Thanks for all this help btw, ram is confusing as hell
  13. Sorry about my miscommunication but I was trying say that some kits say 16 18-18-38 and others say 16-18-18-36?
  14. Do I need to worry about the timings on Ram? As I see a lot of diffrence between all the options.
  15. Thanks for all the useful information! Just googled a calculator and it seems like: 3000 CL15 = 3200 CL16 = 3600 CL18. So all these perform essentially the same?