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  1. cable is the way to go with Xbox controllers... its crazy the amount of controllers I have from Xbox that do not work properly....
  2. For 20 bucks it sounds you got a non original Xbox Controller.... I have vast experience in these Xbox 360 controllers to use on PC. I have a total of 5 and all of them malfunctioning. Batteries stopped working, buttons stopped working, analog sticks registering inputs when centered, etc.... The Xbox controllers are really badly built. At the moment I have an Xbox One Controller, but, the wireless connection is dropping all the time. I now use it with the cable.
  3. Is this a Tester? where can I get it?
  4. Hi, pfsense box not available where I am. I do not want the TP-Link to do the other router stuff because the Asus routers are working in AiMesh and have their nice QoS. I know it will not give me more speed on one connection, normally at home I have 1 or 2 streams from Netflix + someone going on youtube + Online gaming.
  5. Hi, I have two internet connections. One is 12Mb and the other is 20Mb. I would like to merge them to use on the same network. I currently have a network with two Asus Routers in Mesh configuration (AC88U and AC86U). I bought a TP-Link R470T+ to use to merge the two internet services. Are there any guys with experience in doing this? I know that the R470T+ can merge the networks and do the DHCP to the whole network, gut, I only want the R470T+ to merge the two connections and provide them to the Asus Router as a normal internet connection. Cheers!