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  1. I've seen a couple of those on Amazon and other website, and tryed a couple of them, but they don't deliver the w/h i need for keep the battery of my laptop on recharge. Did any of you ever needed one of those? What do you use if u did? (i often commute whit train and not every train has an outlet)
  2. I've talked whit RealVNC support, it seems they are the guys for us. SO Thank you mate! U've been very very very helpfull!
  3. Oh NICE! If i try to connect while the other dude is alredy connecting, will this program let me in kicking him out or simply not allowing it?
  4. Hello, i'm here to ask an advice, i have a pc in the office, that i use for some goverment platform that require a Phisical key insert, sometimes i also have to use it when i'm away from the office, or my cooworker does. We were using Tw but, is very messy, cause if we both try to acces to it from far away is a problem, and we don't like that ppl can actualy acces it if they find out the pwd and use our acces. So What I'm asking? Is there any desktop remote program that makes me have a acces at the pc from remote (duh?), that if is alredy occupied, it let me know, "Hey Dude, some one is alredy logged in, not now!"? If there is not, it is possible to make it? Or is not feasable?