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  1. Hello everyone I would like to try wireless mouse with an option of using a cable connection, wired for gaming, wireless for resting on sofa and watching youtube without a need to come to PC each time. Could you advice a good and preferably heavy mouse? Thank you for answers
  2. Kasenumi

    24/32 bit and Hz

    Hi everyone What is the best quality audio mode headphones can offer? Settings allow 32 bit 192000 Hz but is it the best quality for consumer use? Switching these modes and comparing how it sounds during a song I dont really hear any difference
  3. AMP: Liquid Spark DAC: Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro How do I know if it works properly if the music is coming from the AMP and turning off the DAC does not turn sound off
  4. Hello everyone Did I connect RCA cables from AMP to DAC (above AMP) correctly? Thank you for answers
  5. I mean the better sound quality
  6. Hello everyone I got SONY MDR XB550 headphones as a gift to use with my smartphone/tablet and outside the house. The sound of these 24 ohm headphones is nice but comparing to Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm paired with external DAC and AMP it is hard to enjoy the music. I need something (might be DAC and AMP combo, 2 in one) to make as much magic of 50$ headphones as possible. The question is rather what should I buy to make that magic than if I need to buy anything at all, because I need it. I am sure there is something that exists for such cases. Thank you for your answers and advices.
  7. I have just tried RCA 2X to 3.5 cable from Audioquest (Evergreen). It actually feels different. The sound is a bit more powerful. I dont know, maybe it is only my imagination but I have been using regular RCA for some time and the new cable...The sound is 5% quieter on the same level of volume but it feels more powerful, more full, sound effects like shooting and explosions are even more real and "have shape". The noise is almost gone.
  8. Hello everyone Is there a difference in sound quality if I connect my Monolith Liquid Spark AMP to Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro DAC with XLR cables? Liquid Spark AMP doesn't have XLR inputs, only RCA so it is either RCA connection or conection using XLR to RCA adapter. The questions are: 1) if there is any difference betweet RCA connection (unbalanced) and XLR cable (balanced) connected with adapter to RCA (unbalanced)? Would the sound quality be better with XLR adapter to RCA over RCA only? 2) For RCA cables I have chosen Audioquest Evergreen 2xRCA/2xRCA (image attached). Is it a good choice or are there any better cables for the price? 3) For Toslink cable I have chosen Audioquest Pearl Optilink - Toslink/Toslink (image attached). Is it a good choice or are there any better cables for the price?
  9. to be honest I was not aware about its purpose...Does that mean I dont need UCA222 at all???
  10. Thank you. Please, give me the advice on S/PDIF if you know anything better than UCA222.
  11. Hello everyone I have ordered Geshelli Labs ENOG2 Pro DAC for my Monolith Liquid Spark AMP. 1) I need 2 RCA cables to connect DAC to my AMP. Would Audioquest Evergreen RCA cables make a difference and deliver better sound that the cheapest available RCA cable? 2) ENOG2 Pro DAC has no USB interface so I guess I need some sort of an analog - USB adapter? Found Behringer UCA222 for that purpose but not sure if this is what I am looking for. 3) The cable to connect Behringer UCA222 to ENOG2 Pro DAC Please correct me if I am wrong ant thank you for advices. Attaching Images of supposed items that I need
  12. Pair of Elac costs around 300$ Pair of Jamo 150$
  13. So, twice the cheaper than Elac B6 and quite similar sound quality from what I have heard...
  14. Hello everyone I was comparing 2 ASUS sound cards: ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 vs ASUS Xonar Essence STX II and the only real difference I discovered is the price. Xonar Essence is 3 times more expensive but technically it offers almost identical specs. What is there in Essence STX 2 to pay 3 times more? I am planning to buy ELAC Debut 2 (pair of speakers) in a month or two. What would you advice on both speakers and sound card?
  15. I might sound stupid but I feel like I am a beginning audiophile with lots of questions, if I am wrong in my thoughts I will express - please correct me. The sound source is MOBO. AMP powers and processes digital sound coming from MOBO and improves it resulting in better quality sound that we hear in headphones. DAC clears "dirty" sound and noise. Good quality RCA cables help DAC and AMP to reduce the noise so the sound coming from headphones is "as clean as possible". Wouldn't the better quality source of sound, which is a PCi E sound card make overall sound better and more pleasing?.
  16. Hello guys Would Asus Xonar AE sound card do any difference with my Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm, Liquid Spark AMP and Geshelli Labs ENOG2 Pro DAC? My friend who is good with hardware keeps telling me it would be an upgrade comparing to integrated MOBO soundcard of AB350 Gaming 3 MOBO?
  17. I have a question regarding cables. RCA that I have bought for my Liquid Spark was simple white and red, thin cable. YouTubers say thick cable offers better quality of sound. Would you advise purchasing a thick RCA instead? Also I have ordered Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro DAC which has both RCA and XLR cable input. Which one offers better sound quality? And if XLR is better is there a point of buying XLR to RCA adapter? Because Liquid Spark doesn't have XLR input, only RCA.
  18. Schiit Magni 3+ is what I wanted to buy firstly but experiencing hard treble made me choose Liquid Spark.
  19. To be honest I listened to rice guru's advices both on headphones, AMP and on choosing DAC and watched reviews on YouTube channel called Z Reviews. Beyers are powerful, and have a high treble which definitely needs to be calmed. Example: I like star wars and play star wars games. Lightsaber swing sound makes you lower the volume. Liquid Spark makes that sounds more smooth and easy to hear, bass becomes real, weather effects, water, wind, grass become real. It balances the sound. With high probability DAC will be necessary to clear the sound. You will be using this for the next few years so it is better to buy headphones now and AMP in a month or two like I did instead of cheaping out and later regretting it because sound is worse than expected.
  20. For the surround effect I recommend Beyerdynamic DT990. Open back over ear headphones give quite a surround effect, it sounds around me, not in my head. I can easily track the source of sound like steps. Also helps to track the location of zombies in World War Z before they hit me. Also ears are not heating as heat is exhausted through little holes. Most people probably prefer isolated headphones but after I bought Open back ones I will never again switch to closed. They are much more relaxing. Just my opinion on open backs, people might disagree.
  21. They are fantastic but as rice guru said you need an AMP to calm the treble and make the music easier to listen. The quality is great. The price is really low for that quality of sound too. I totally recommend 990DT 990.
  22. In my Dark Base 700 airflow is great and so are temperatures during Prime95.
  23. Hello guys I need your advice on choosing the most audiophile for the price of 100$ (either Open or Closed back) headphones for my SONY Audio Center. Budget like mentioned is around 100$. Thank you everyone for advices