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  1. In my Dark Base 700 airflow is great and so are temperatures during Prime95.
  2. Hello guys I need your advice on choosing the most audiophile for the price of 100$ (either Open or Closed back) headphones for my SONY Audio Center. Budget like mentioned is around 100$. Thank you everyone for advices
  3. Hello guys I need to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker for traveling, budget is max 100$. Right now the best one I have seen for that money is JBL Flip 5. If u know any better options (better sound for max 100$) please let me know. Thank you
  4. Wow, people say great things about GESHELLI Labs Enog 2 even saying it is the best DAC for any money Yet the only way get it is from the official site of Geshelli and trying to order it I get a message "We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items". Have to contact support and ask if shipping is possible. Thank you, I will take some time to check all those DACs and choose 1 of them
  5. I can pay up to 200$ for a DAC. As always, looking for the most premium quality of sound for that money. P.S. do you turn Liquid Spark off before turning off the PC or does it stay on all the time?
  6. If you had to choose one of them which would it be?
  7. Thank you for all your advices Ok, so I have bought Liquid Spark, managed tha cables and adapter USA-EU, plugged in and with a happy smile on the face and listening to music right now. When I bought Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition 600 Ohm the quality of music was great but comparing to the quality WITH an AMP it was nothing. I am listening to a song I heard a thousand times and I feel like I am listening it for the first time in my life, it is literally magic. Besides, I guess now I understand what you meant telling I will figure out myself if DAC is necessary. The sound is indeed smoother, treble is calmed and doesnt rape the ears as much as before the AMP. Bass became physical instead of "virtual", now i literally feel it (maybe sounds a bit stupid but that is the feeling). The overall sound was "clearer" without an AMP, now I hear some "digital" distortions and hissing. Even Windows sounds are like "dirty" and hissing when I check the volume level. I lack technical knowledge to describe what exactly I hear but I guess this is quite common and doesnt need explanation to more experienced users. Now it is obvious that I do need an external DAC. Creating a new topic on that Thank you again A LOT
  8. is it the RCA cable I need? I have Liquid Spark. got yesterday but still cannot use it because of lack of knowledge about the proper cable
  9. I will need those cables and adapters, right? Correct me please if I am wrong Also where do I have to plug in RCA cable to R or L (in AMP)? Or does it matter at all? Beyerdynamic has 1 cable so I guess only 1 cable will be needed to hear with both left and right side. A bit confused to be honest
  10. So the power suppy is american type, meaning I have to buy an adapter to plug the AMP. How do I connect the AMP to my motherboard?
  11. unfortunately shipping to my location is not available in Monoprice store...but there is only one store where I can order it and I am going to do it now. You said the sound coming from MOBO can be dirty. How do I know if I need a DAC or if the sound is dirty?
  12. So what is your final recommended combination for AMP/DAC?
  13. Hello guys I have decided to buy Monolith Liquid Spark to smooth the treble in my Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition 600 Ohm. Previously thought about Schiit Magni 3+ but it seems that Monolith Liquid Spark offers more relaxing and still clear sound and power of music. I am going to use it with PC and only PC. Music, movies, games etc, relaxing time spending. After I tried plugging my headphones into Hi end stereo system the sound coming from integrated sound card of my AB350 motherboard seems flat and the bass is not that deep. The question is: 1) Do I need an external DAC (and which one is better for Monolith Liquid Spark)? 2) Do I need an external/PCIe sound card? 3) Any additional cables to connect all this to motherboard? Thank you everyone. P.S. special thanks to rice guru who responds in every of my many topics.
  14. the budget for speakers (2) is around 500$. It would be good to get a full setup for max 1200$ (speakers included). I also think passive speakers would be better. All would be connected with the PC and TV. Balanced sound is the best for relaxation
  15. Hello guys I am thinking of purchasing a great sound quality budget pair of speakers which will literally make the soul ascend during that magical 3 minutes of song. For now the best compromise of quality to price I have seen is ELAC Debut B6, very symbolic price for that level of quality. Would you advice any other pair of speakers for that price? Thank you everyone and have a great day