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  1. Very excited for this. I would be very tempted to play it at work cheekily
  2. I've updated to a ryzen 3600 and i've encourtered nothing but problems since. I keep getting BSoDs, I've reinstalled windows a couple of times. The specific error I keep getting is to do with kernel secruity check failure. Has anyone had issues with this in the past? I feel like it might be to do with my PSU, it was making some coil whine which it didn't before any ideas?

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    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Odd indeed.  They are often a culprit for driver issues but I've not heard of a situation like you described before

    3. werto165


      well I guess it could be a driver issue with the network card? I'm tempted to just throw it away considering it's taken about 4 hrs out of my evening to troubleshoot. 

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      I suppose it's possible, but the fact this issue started when you swapped CPUs suggests to me that might not be it.  If it worked before, it should still work now, seeing as nothing relevant to it has changed, and by default we'd expect any change that did occur to be directly related to problems that appear at the same time.

  3. Guys with car knowledge I need you. I have an odb2 can shield that I can write pids to and I'm looking for a p0301 and p0303 error codes because my ignition coil failed. So I'm just wondering if I clear the dtc if any issues that are present would show/trigger again?

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    2. werto165


      No lol. It's a shit bucket. It just stresses me out that it has the MIL on. 

    3. lewdicrous


      From my limited understanding, if you clear the codes without fixing the problem, then it'll come back sooner or later. (When the car detects it again, when you scan for codes, etc)

    4. lufihengr


      If the underlying issue persists, the light will come back on at some point.

      Sometimes when I have got an error for a fuel lean or rich condition, it won't come back. It has been likely due to bad fuel or something

  4. And Ryzen 3 3600 (6core 12thread) 16gb Ram  corsair @ 3200 Gigabyte auros motherboard is this for £260 a good deal? 

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    2. werto165


      preowned still a good deal? 

    3. Kavawuvi


      It seems to me that's a bit cheaper than buying it brand new, and it's not like you're going to lose any performance just because someone else used the parts before you did, so long as they work.

    4. werto165


      True, don't really know the value lost from being preowned, apparently it was built in july of this year and it's only been used a few times... 

  5. If you wear glasses with the HTC vive (or whatever the lastest version is now) assuming that your glasses correct your vision I don't think it would affect your VR at all. I'm not too sure on whether you can use glasses easily with the rift S. I have the rift and I remember it not being easy for glasses wearers to use the rift.
  6. Yeah the GPU is the only wrong thing I honestly don't really use it all that much. I used to use it for CAD and unity. I was interested in using NVMe as the price seems to have gone down considerably. When I first got my SSD I think I paid something like £200 for my SSD and now you can get a pretty good SSD probably 1tb for that price now... Where would you see the greastest benefit of an NVMe SSD? I was playing around with blender quite a lot doing a few renders but I might get back into that when I have the time so possible use case with blender too
  7. It doesn't do too bad in the outer worlds at 1440p get about 50fps but I guess that is with it being on low. Which way would you recommend going? Seems like AMD are pretty good nowadays its been a while since I've been fully into PC's. 3600 would be a pretty solid upgrade, what GPU would you recommend to go along with that?
  8. Sorry of me It was just that I did on my first post
  9. input1 = input("Please enter var1") input2 = input("Please enter var2") if(input1 == input2): print("hello world") else: print("goodbye world") ...
  10. So basically I have a bit of money after starting my first proper job and I'm wanting to know what you think the best upgrade path for me would be? I was thinking an upgraded GPU but I fear that I might be limited by what my CPU can deliver with it being so old now. Do you think it would be worth doing an upgrade of GPU or is 970 and above the start of a bottleneck for a 3570? I would be looking to spend about £500 to do upgrades ( I have a 970 now my pc specs in my banner are quite outdated on that front)
  11. that's checking if example is True. so a boolean operation. You are only comparing one thing there; boolean check to see if it is True, you need another variable to check it against.
  12. if(bool): run command else: different command ? or if(bool1 and bool2): run command else: different command ? input1 =True input2 =False if(input1 and input2): print("hello world") else: print("goodbye world") OR: input1 = input("Please enter var1") input2 = input("Please enter var2") if(input1 == input2): print("hello world") else: print("goodbye world")
  13. I've had to replace my anet a8 after two years of usage, just couldn't figure out what was wrong bought a new e3d v6 for it too, I think my bed just warped and my mechanics were fucked after two years of usage. I've recently bought the ender 3 and it's a solid machine. just make sure you mess with the eccentric nuts otherwise the bed will have a lot of play.
  14. Ender 3 is apparently a good one. I have an anet a8 but I would not recommend that at all hahaaaaaaaaaa
  15. Starting a new job on monday as a software engineer eeee I'm excited :D

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    2. werto165


      You got a job now @Castdeath97

    3. Castdeath97


      @werto165 Still doing masters, should be done in a week or so, and then I have an interview back home for a software engineering position, but I'm really not sure about the job market at home. 

    4. werto165


      good luck with that :)

  16. What do you need to calculate the bandwidth of a signal? I'm just looking at the USB4 spec and it can do 40Gbps. So max is resolution*framerate*colour depth(in bits)? is that right

  17. it might be quite hard with all the flex connectors that phone cameras usually have. I think you could use an old android phone for a webcam through an app but I don't think that's what you wanted to do is it?
  18. I know that quite a lot of laptop batteries are based off 18650 cells do you think it would be possible to buy a new laptop battery and swap the old cells for newer larger capacity cells? I've been looking and the IC for the battery management system (charge controller?) anyway reprogramming it needs kit that costs about £100 whereas a new battery is only about £20 so I thought that would be a better route. Would it be possible to place more cells in parallel to get greater capacity and perhaps 3D print a new enclosure for the improved battery? I know that spot welding is probably required but my university has that capability so I would be fine in that regard https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18650-3-7V-4000mAh-BRC-Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-Lithium-Cells-UK-Seller/263876035192 18650 cells https://www.amazon.co.uk/Replacement-Pavilion-800049-001-800010-421-HSTNN-DB6T/dp/B07DQKXD5G/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1MIWEEQ1DRLVY&keywords=hp+pavilion+battery&qid=1562852302&s=computers&sprefix=hp+pavilion+b%2Ccomputers%2C157&sr=1-7 battery I'm thinking of taking apart
  19. Do you know why google photos is eating into my data quota for googles online storage. On google photos I've got it set to high quality which shouldn't eat into the data. 

    1. wkdpaul


      That just gives you unlimited storage on Google's server, it will still eat through your data quota if you have enough photo that you upload and download. To avoid using your data, turn off "cellulare data backup", you'll still download the pictures when looking at them though.

    2. werto165


      I think I firgured it out, I have to change the quality preference on the photos I have and then it'll reduce back to no storage used, just don't have a suitable back up atm so I'm gonna do it another time. 

  20. XBee is pretty easy to use, just look up that with an arduino, then make it access a sound file on an SD card
  21. could you do something like this: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/KeyboardWrite using an arduino and some code>?
  22. Nah whilst you're here are static pressure fans needed for a rad? just trying to make this as cheap as possible noise is not an issue either really.
  23. It doesn't need to be sub zero in that sense, the ambient temperature is below 0C at -10C minimum, I assume you just need a water gylcol mix so that the water doesnt freeze is that correct?
  24. Hi all, I'm working with a motor controller for my uni masters project and I was wondering if it's possible to just PC water cooling parts for cooling this motor controller the requirements are as followed: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/magicool-dcp450-12v-dc-small-form-factor-pump-and-reservoir-wc-025-ma.html this does 450l/h therefore it does 7.5l/m therefore meeting that requirement. I wasn't too sure about the radiator would you just go for a triple rad to ensure that it's cooled adequately? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/mayhems-uv-white-tubing-3-8-1-2-13-10mm-tubing-1m-wc-11a-mh.html For coolant what would you guys recommend? I need it to operate to -10C Also what fittings would you recommend? Thanks