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  1. Computer specs cpu:core i5 8th gen gpu: gt 710, i am upgrading to a gtx 1650 super psu:rotanium (evo 685) 250watt psu 8gb of memory(ram) 250watt psu, https://www.msy.com.au/rotanium-evo-685-power-supply-unit I need help finding a reliable psu to use that is 450 watts and using the msy link becuase i live in Australia. This computer was originaly a pre-built so i only know the specs of the motherboard from the psu, gpu and cpu. If you need any info about the cables needed in my pc you can check the 250watt psu link above and most of the listed cables are used the only things from what i know aren't used are the floppy drive connections (maybe). You can ask for more info and i will try to get that info to make it easier.
  2. I am new to this forum so thank you to people who follow.

  3. I am going to build my first computer and I will use a 750 watt psu but I can't figure out what one can go with the motherboard? Not to mention I'm using msy Australia. Here is my motherboard if needed. https://msy.com.au/msi-z390-gaming-pro-carbon-intel-z390-s1151-atx-gaming-4xddr3-3xpcie-m2-usb-type-c-raid-hdmi. please use msy not ebay or any other website. My problem is the power pins, etc.