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  1. I can't download a test file I created from uploadocean.com, could you help me?
  2. Pauls


    What are DirectX?
  3. Are there any legal sites or programs that allow you to earn paypal money?
  4. Pauls

    GPU use %

    To reduce temperatures during video games.
  5. Pauls

    GPU use %

    Is it possible to limit the use of the video card?
  6. Pauls

    PS4 BIOS

    But does the Ps4 have the Bios as the computer?
  7. What is the motherboard chipset?
  8. Does the speed of a video game depend on the processor, video card or ram?
  9. Where can I download free pc games?
  10. Is it necessary to install an antivirus in Windows 10?
  11. When do I record a video game with the Playstation 4 violate copyright?
  12. on the site PCPartPicker says incompatible parts
  13. a guide to installing everything?
  14. the pc is a pre-assembled hp, my goal is to change the motherboard and the other components but I don't know which components to choose.