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  1. I have a crappy PC that i built some years ago (i3-7100 gtx 750ti 8gbRAM 500wpsu msi h110 m a pro m2 motherboard). It worked fine until a few months ago when it started to reboot when i would play games with good graphics. I would be playing Warframe on high settings with 70 fps and the pc would reboot itself out of nowhere(I played on these settings before and everything was fine). So i bought a new motherboard, because i was told the old one couldnt deliver as much voltage as it used to, this time it was msi h310m pro-vdh plus. I installed everything on it and when i pushed the power button my pc turened on for 2 seconds and then it shut off. I tried everything to fix it i swapped my ram around i did that reboot with a battery thats on the motherboard, i unpluged evrything exeps psu. The problem is with the motherboard because i tried to boot with my old one and it worked. The new motherboard is in perfect contition from the outside, no pins bent no nothing. Please help
  2. Hi i have a really slow and cheap PC (core i3-7100 GTX 750 ti (short one) 8gb RAM). Lately and my graphics card started acting up, when in games like Warframe and Rainbow 6 seige i set my video settings to anything higher then low my frames stay pretty reasonable but after 20-30 sec the sceen freezes, audio stutters and my whole PC reboots, it happens every time. I want to buy a faster graphics card but i don't know whitch one because i'm afraid it'll get bottlenecked by my CPU. What can you suggest?