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  1. I dont think its underperforming because of my temps. Because my tempratures are always around 40 degrees celcius.
  2. Yes everything is running on stock. Yes I uninstalled my old drivers before installing my new ones. So do you recon that my ram is the problem? Will my fps increase if I buy a dual kit 16gb ram @3000mhz?
  3. Hello everyone, Before i start this is my current desktop specs: GPU: Msi ventus RTX 2060 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 MB: MSI Tomahawk b350 Ram: Single 8 gb ddr4 ram stick @2400mhz PSU: Evga 550W B3 Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD Yesterday I received my new GPU and i installed it into my pc straight away. But when I went to test the fps with some games I was really underwhelmed. My GPU could barely hit 60 fps in games like battlefield 1, sea of thieves, call of duty modern warfere on ultra settings. Some times it the fps would jump to 80-100 fps but this was rare, most of the times it stayed between 50-60 fps. I also tried to play some games on low settings but the fps didnt increase much from that, I get 80-90 fps in battlefield 1 on low settings. My previous GPU was a 1050Ti and I would assume that a RTX 2060 would run much better than that, but right now it seems like this is not the case. Am I not supossed to get much more fps with the current GPU i have (like 100fps+ in games like battlefield 1 on ultra settings)? Did I maybe receive a faulty GPU? The fps I'm getting is just not right for a RTX 2060, if anyone has any ideas on this matter please do share. Thank you.