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  1. @mariushm thanks for answering my questions, im gonna still searcing the things you guys write, what you think about the case? in that price band what is your recommendation?
  2. My mistake.. I told you wrong the thing that i wanna ask.. the thing i wanna ask is in that price range if cpu can build with 16 cores that work very well both games and render, why would intel selling cpu's with 8 cores and higher prices than AMD's? Again im sorry for explaining myself wrong and taking your time.
  3. @Lurick that site is selling parts a little bit higher, only ssd's and other stuff's cheaper but.. I wanna know that does 16 core make a visible difference than 9700k's 8 core ? and if it does can i also game too? and my other question is the ram's and ssd-hdd that i picked up can work with amd well? I know im asking a lot of question but i wanna learn a lot of things that make my render times in AE and C4d shorter. If you can answer my questions, you can make my day.. Thank you
  4. @Jurrunio @Lurick just checked and im found out amd is expensive than intels motherboard and cpus? is it like that in your countrys too?
  5. @Jurrunio im currently using a laptop with 7700HQ and 1050ti in it and octane renderer
  6. @Lurick When i search in internet i see a lot of article that Amd cpu's getting hot and not compatible ( idk its the correct word for that? ) with ram's and other stuff.. does it make a lot of difference with intel cpu's and motherboards? im living in Turkey, and if i try to pick up with amazon or other web sellers its cost a lot of duty money .
  7. Hello Guys, I want to share build with pcpartpicker but in my country there's a lot of price difference. Im following ltt in youtube like 2 years, i learn a lot of things from there but i have a few questions... Im currently working in a job and i wanna build a rig that help me with c4d renders and gaming. My budget is around $2300 ~ $2400 and i wanna get a va or ips panel 1ms 144hz monitor. ( i have kb and mouse ) Build : Motherboard : MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC ( around $230 ) its lit beacuse its rgb! Processor : Intel i7 9700k ( around $460 ) Water Cooling : Corsair h115i ( $173 ) Ram : Corsair Vengance Pro 3200mhz 16GB ( $112 ) Gpu : I wanna get 2080 or upper and it costs ( $825 or higher ) maybe gigabyte 2080 oc? its cost $828 PSU : Corsair RM650X 650W 80+ Gold ( $132 ) Case : Corsair 275R ( Around $90 ) SSD : Sandisk SSD Plus 480GB 530MB-445MB/s ( $67 ) HDD : Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 7200RPM 256MB ( $ 75 ) Monitor : AOC 24G2U 24" 1ms 144Hz ( $224 ) Total : $2.388 I have no idea about building pc guys, im just reading this forum and watching some videos on youtube, im gonna get parts together with a help of my neighbour who has internet cafe :d . Im searching everywhere but things like is this cooler and gpu fit this case? or like this ssd and cpu make shutdown? I know a lot guys in here are expert in pc building.. if you guys has a suggestion that make my build performance better, would you like to share with me?