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  1. Of course, If you can give me recommendations you always can DM me.
  2. Another question on the same note: How do I connect my new Asus monitor to this new pc.
  3. Yes but I want to download games from the net via torrent and other stuff:Movies,Music etc...
  4. I bought a new high end pc: CPU: I9 9900K GPU: Gigabyte 2080ti Ram: crosair vangence 32 GB SSD: 240 Crosair Nvme, 1TB samsung Hard drive : Segate 1 TB Crosair h150I pro WATER COOLER z390 Aorus master mother board I'm kind of a newbie in modren gaming pcs, Till that point I've used a pc from 2009. How do I overcloack my CPU, What Bachmark and stress test do you recommend me? What maintenance progrems do I need to download? And genral advices you can give me?
  5. I connected my freinds IDE had drive through a hard drive converter and it's not showing up, I tryed to connect and disconnect from the USB but its not helping. When I entard the When I entared devices and printers in my pc mengament to the IDE converter Icon it said Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware. The driver may be damaged or missing. (Code 39) What can I do to entar this hard drive?
  6. A follow up to my original request for help about a coworker's computer a week ago. So I tryed to connect my friends hard drive to my old pc, But the hard drive is to old. I asked a acquaintance that knows about pc better then me and he suggested that I need to buy a hard drive to USB converter. The question is which convertr can fit this spesic hard drive? The Referred hard drive is Smasung not the new sata below him.
  7. Hello guys my name is Vlad From Bulgaria, Nice to meet you and be in this forum with Tech and gaming entusiest like me.
  8. So basiclly they are the same with the same features, I know what you mean about Image quality but what is response time?
  9. Thank you for the advice, I'm a newbie with modren pcs so can you please elaborate on that?
  10. I have to choose between 2 Asus monitors one is ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q, and the other ASUS PG278QR What is differnce between those two? and will it work properly on my new pc specs: CPU: INTEL i9 9900K Gpu: Gigabye rtx 2080TI windforce mother board: Z390 Aorus master Ram: 32 GB ram Crosair vengance Watercooler : Corsair H150I PRO Corsair SSD NVme m2 240 G Samsung 1TB SSD Segate hardrive POWER SUPPLY: Crosair RM750X
  11. A coworker of mine has a problem with hes pc, He wants to trensfer his date from his old hard drive to a disc but his pc is not working. I tryd to fix it by myself but it seems that the power supply is broken. So now I want to put his old hard drive to my old pc. (Our pcs are from the 2000's) 1) He put his all data in the C hard drive with the windows instelled, So the question is can I instell this hard drive on my pc, and how to do so? Thank you in advnce.
  12. gigabyte released new monitors, What do you think about them?
  13. Aorus AD27QD 550$ QHD, 144Hz, 1ms, IPS and G-Sync. Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ 600$ QHD, 165Hz, 4ms, IPS and G-Sync.Those 2 are intresting In my country the Asus is a little bit cheaper