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  1. Nothing is purchased yet, I'm waiting for black Friday to pull the trigger, I have the ram kit because my cousin is planning to upgrade as well so I'll have his old kit so everything is just a rough draft right now
  2. Yeah thats why I chose the 1000W one in case I add a second card in there or something thats power hungry, plus from what I've heard so far, a higher rated PSU wouldnt need to work as hard so its a lot more quiet/efficient? I think I've heard it from JayzTwoCents. I honestly don't even know if it is true but that makes a lot of sense to me hahahha. The ram kit is a gift from my cousin so it will be free yes. I originally chose that aio based on what people said about 9900K vs 3900x/3950x and a lot of them recommended aio instead of air cooling since those cpu are stupid hot under significant load. I guess it makes sense to go back to air since I downgraded it to 3700x now?? I will keep that in mind for sure! You also mentioned given the case you supposed it is understandable. I am a little confused, does that mean the case I picked earlier has bad air flow or something? I saw it on gamer nexus and thought that was a bad ass looking case, but I did not consider about the functionality at all.....which I probably should have done instead, lol
  3. Currently planning a new rig: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/Fm7xcq I thought about going up to 3950x but then i really only game on it anyways not sure if i really need that much power. So I settled for 3700x, I am debating about 2080 ti vs super though, but then it seems like its only roughly 10%ish performance gain vs almost 40% price difference which is quite significant. As for power supply I went with a higher rated one just in case I add anything stupid later / using it for future more powerful rig. So I am wondering if there is anything that I can cut some corners / better upgrades from a price vs performance stand point? Please give me your opinion, I am very new to system building.
  4. considering a brand new one is only 22 bucks on amazon.......i am gonna say that isnt exactly a good deal since it is used.
  5. search rk g87, its probably the cheapest real mechanical keyboard that is also bluetooth wireless with rgb. build quality is surprisingly good, its on the heavier side unfortunately if you plan to take it around with you. i think it has a red switch option i really dont remember, i got the blue one since i type at home anyways and i like the noise lol. bluetooth + usb C detachable wire mode + full rgb (you can install the software but there is nothing you cant do with just key combo anyways, and their software is crap so i dont recommend installing it anyways), at 40-50 bucks, its pretty hard to beat.
  6. Why not go to a pet store and buy the exact same thing? I am pretty sure any aquarium shop will have the exact same items at a MUCH cheaper price.....probably a lot more efficient as well.
  7. Maybe theres a tiny leak and fluids are all evaporated? lol just a wild guess....
  8. it was properly configured. I did make it use GPU, but it only went up a few% while CPU decreased only a little.
  9. i used to use that, like i said svp is murdering my cpu while my gpu is doing practically nothing (sitting at like 5-15% load....) so i am looking for some alternative that utilize more GPU, like splash player. Unfortunately splash player quality even at max is quite poor comparing to potplayer+SVP, but it does make most of the processing on GPU so its actually working a lot harder than before while cpu is chilling, thats exactly what i want.
  10. Recently I got into the whole 60fps soap opera experience, its great when watching documentaries!So I installed SVP 4 Pro (trial), it works, but the cpu load is crazy while my GPU is doing practically no work (this is already configured to use the GPU to assist) unless you turn the effect all the way down which makes it potato quality and artifacts everywhere.I tried with Splash player which does a much better job at offloading all the workload to GPU, now my CPU isnt working like crazy while GPU is only working at 30%ish, so everything seems to be great. However Splash player itself is a pretty crappy player on its own, you cant even rebind the keyboard shortcuts ffs.... plus the frame interpolation from splash player is honestly not that good, still a good amount of artifacts even if i crank everything to max......Is there any alternative? Preferably something utilizing my GPU instead of working everything off of CPU. I have nvidia gpu so amd fluid motion is not an option unfortunately. Thank you.
  11. Ahh I see your edit now. Hey I did put the laptop tag in there! haha
  12. yeah it is, not sure why does that matter.......? I did check the affect on performance and jurrunio is right, 1650 cant even cap out 8x so there is literally no point in fixing it.
  13. Hmm? I thought 16x is literally double the speed of 8x, why wouldnt it affect performance here? Is it because 1650 is too shitty?
  14. No matter what I do the PCIE for gtx 1650 is stuck at 8x 3.0, i checked with various tools like GPUZ, CPUZ, they are all showing it running at 8x only, even under stress test or their respective test included within their apps. I have updated all drivers and bios, updated windows, reinstalled windows even, the results are all the same, it is a 16x 3.0 slot that is only running at 8x 3.0, the strange part is the igpu from 3550h is actually running at 16x? is there anyway to fix it?
  15. oh, then pretty much anything with 8th gen cpu or better will do i think, if you dont care about the size or battery they can go really cheap like 300 bucks. the gpu that comes in those cpu should do good if you are just playing these light weight titles.