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  1. 18 hours ago, Bombastinator said:

    The franchise is excellent.  It’s a fascinating concept that has repetitively been done well.  I was given to understand that the reason fallout76 was such a horrific mutant hellspawn was a bunch of stuff having to do with making paper checkboxes for financials people who knew and cared nothing about video games.  I suspect fallout 76 could be fixed.  It would require removal of a lot of the horrible crap that got added for that purpose and the reworking of some other stuff that got neglected so that garbage could be added.  If wastelanders is an attempt to do that it would be worth seeing.  The company expended so much public trust with the big sellout though that I’d have to see what it looked like first.  

    I hope so too but watch the trailer i sent

  2. If you go to the manufacturers website and search your board you can download the bios and as long as you have the working cpu in for that version you can usually extract the files on gigabytes or some other way for other manufacturers and put it on a flash drive then spam delete on reboot or the q-flash key and select the drive and click update. You can simply just look up how to install new bios on youtube but sadly i'm on a school chromebook in math right now so you know i can't send the link to the video but i did the bios update on an x570 by gigabyte